With Heather Glen Golf Links apparently closing at the end of the year, many people are asking about the future of Myrtle Beach golf. If it closes, Heather Glen would join a group of recently closed courses that includes Black Bear, Waterway Hills, Wicked Stick, Cypress Bay, Island Green and Wedgefield Plantation. Course closings are never a good thing, but they are also not new to the Myrtle Beach area. Courses such as Bay Tree, Marsh Harbour,  Angel’s Trace and many more have closed over the years, yet golf continues to roll on around the Grand Strand. Golf certainly isn’t dead in the area — both Crow Creek and Arcadian Shores are spending big bucks to renovate their courses — but the climate is changing. So what can we expect for the future?

  • MyGolf will strive to add value to its membership. We will continue to offer E-Specials, Play Days, Special Events, Play Passes and Online Coupons to help save you more money. We also realize that with so many choices out there, it can get confusing. We have streamlined our web pages, including our member’s page, to make things more accessible for you. We want MyGolf to be your one-stop shop for saving money on golf.
  • Prices will continue to rise and fall seasonally. They will be higher in the Spring and Fall months when the weather is ideal and lower in the hot summer and cold winter months. Less courses, however, means that rates will likely be a tad higher overall.
  • The golf package business will trundle on. If you are a golfer that needs your tee times booked well in advance, they will always be available for a premium price. If you are a little more flexible, short-term tee times and rates will be out there, but some of the more popular courses are more likely to sell out, especially with less options after course closings. Fortunately for you, MyGolf offers both options for booking!
  • Online booking will continue to grow. MyGolf has added a tee time booking website to keep up with this trend. You can book non-affiliate courses there along with our MyGolf affiliate courses, though as usual, your best affiliate deals can be had by logging in for the rates, calling the course and booking directly.
  • Dynamic Pricing is in effect for some Myrtle Beach golf courses. This means that higher-demand tee times will be priced higher than lower-demand tee times. It’s a lot like the way airlines or hotels are priced; if there is only one seat on a popular flightor one hotel room in a city where there is a popular event, the price will be higher that a seat on an empty plane or non-happening city. Not all courses use this system, but the ones run by Chinese-owned Founders Group International do. MyGolf affiliates, for the most part, do not.

So…what does all this really mean? In short, you, the golfing public, determine the value of a round and whether prices are too high or too low for you. MyGolf offers rates at 55+ affiliates in the Myrtle Beach area and you can book another 20+ courses on our online booking platform. If prices rise at Course A, MyGolf can offer lower-priced selections at Course B, Course C, etc. The opportunities are still vast for playing great rounds of golf at value prices. You just have to know where to look, and we hope you turn to MyGolf for your golfing needs.

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