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Savings with your membership are limitless and happens every time you tee it up. From golf to restaurants to lodging, we have you covered. With MyGolf, every member is able to “Spend Less, Play More.”

Annual Member

Save big all year long including, National 3 Guest Program™ bring up to three guests. Other benefits include discounts at our affiliate restaurants, shops, hotels and entertainment venues. FREE online coupons and much more.
(365 Day Membership)


Renewal Membership

Renew your MyGolf membership and continue to enjoy uninterrupted savings for all MyGolf member benefits enjoy! Use your referral credits and save more.
(365 Day Membership Starting on Renewal Date)


Guest Member

Gain access to ‘Member’s Only” pricing. Allows you to save more when you book your golf rounds.
(10 Day Membership Starting on Signup Date)