golf in North Myrtle BeachDo you love playing golf when it is warm outside? Howe about the cold weather? Does it prevent you from enjoying the sport that you really like? Worry no more! Provided below is a list of five tips to help you play golf even in the cold weather.

The first tip is to walk on the course instead of riding a golf cart. Of course, it is best to choose this option if it is possible. You will notice how simple walking could warm up your whole body. You will remain looser and also your swing will remain as good as it is supposed to be.

It is also helpful to keep your hands as warm as possible. Although walking can warm up your whole body, you need to make sure that you bring your hand warmers. You should also consider wearing two gloves if you can. Keeping your hands warm will help you maintain complete control and finesse over your golf club.

You also need to keep your golf balls warm. Golf balls will not travel that far during the cold season. As a matter of fact, you may even loose up to five yards for a 10 degree drop in the temperature depending on the density of the air. So be sure to have those balls all warmed up in your pocket in between holes. You have to always play smart, even though there are times when this is quite hard to do.

You also have to layer your clothing. This is something that is quite obvious but still worth reminding you about. You don’t need to bundle up too much like up to a point that you can no longer make a full golf swing. Why don’t you wear multiple layers? You can try wearing a long sleeve golf shirt depending on how cold the weather is.  A light weight wind breaker is a good option if the weather is windy. You should also remember to wear a hat like a toboggan because it can keep the most part of your face warm.

It is also important for you to have realistic expectations when playing during the cold weather. There is a good chance that your scoring average will increase a bit during the cold weather. Your golf balls will not go that far. Since it is cold, your body will feel much stiffer and you will have several other excuses for your play. The most important thing here is you are playing golf Myrtle Beach. You like the sport that much that only a few reasons could prevent you from playing. Because you will not be hitting the ball that far, you should think about playing from the tees up. Or you may also want to play exactly the same tees so that you will have the opportunity to improve your shots as well as club options. Playing during the cold weather months will do good things to your golf game. You just have to know the preparations that you need to make when playing this time of the year.

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