Great Tips for how to play in the rain during the summer months!
Summer months are here and those afternoon rain showers pop up almost everyday! As golfers we know that, come rain or shine, if we love the game inevitably playing in the rain will happen at some point. I will always remember my first time playing in the rain during a tournament. I was 9 years old and it was a Carolinas Golf Association junior tournament, and my parents and I arrived to the course as the clouds were rolling in. I went to the range and warmed up, and as I approached the first tee it started to rain. I kept walking and looked at the group in front of us and noticed they were continuing play. I looked at the rules official and asked why everyone was still playing and not heading inside because of the rain. He chuckled at me and said, “Well Ms. Hunt I guess it is a good thing we aren’t made of sugar.” As I child I did not know what this meant but after the round, I learned from my parents that golfers play in the rain and that sugar melts when it gets wet.

It can be frustrating to play in tough, rainy conditions, especially if you are not prepared. I want to give you a few tips on playing in the rain, in hopes that the next time you are out on the course in wet conditions, you will be prepared to handle the circumstances.

1.)Check the weather before play!  Make sure you look at the forecast before playing your round so that you can have the proper equipment and become mentally prepared.
2.)Wear a Hat:  Wearing a hat will help keep the rain out of your eyes.
3.)Keep your Grips Dry:  Make sure you wipe your grips and shaft with a dry towel. This will help keep your hands from slipping during a swing.
4.)Umbrella:  Having an umbrella is very beneficial when playing in the rain. It will protect you from getting soaked as opposed to being a little wet.
5.)Extra Towels:  Take access towels and hang them on the inside of your umbrella. This will help keep them as dry as possible considering the conditions.
6.)Extra Gloves:  When it’s raining, it is nice to have multiple gloves. If one gets too wet you can switch to a dry one instead. Another alternative is rain gloves. These can be worn at all times during rainy play. You would not have to change these gloves out. Some players like the feel of a regular glove instead, so make sure if you are one of those players you take extra gloves to change them as they get wet.
7.)Grip Down!  When it rains and the ground gets drenched, your feet will tend to sink in. As your feet get lower to the ground you will be closer to the ball, which can sometimes cause fat shots. If you grip down on the club the same amount you feel that you sunk into the ground, this will help avoid those “chunky shots.”
8.)Pick the Ball: When the ground is wet, it is easier to try and act as if you are hitting the ball instead of making a divot. Try and hit clean shots
9.)Clean your Ball on the Green:  Rain can do weird things to your golf ball. Sometimes the dimples on your ball will fill with water enabling you to make solid contact.  Make sure when you mark your golf ball, you dry the ball off and set the ball down only when you are ready to stroke the ball in the cup.