Planning Your Next Golf Vacation

Golf Myrtle BeachFor the golf enthusiast, nothing is quite as refreshing as going on a golf vacation – regardless of the time of year. There is the chance to put work and other concerns to the side and focus on doing something that one enjoys. Of course, there are several different ways to plan a vacation that is built around the theme of golf. Here are a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider as you plan out your holiday.

If you are interested in finding a single spot to set up camp for the duration of your vacation like Myrtle Beach, then you may want to check into resorts that cater to golf enthusiasts. These types of resorts will usually have excellent courses that you can play, as well as a professional trainer that can help you with your game.  You get to play on your own schedule, as much or as little each day as you prefer. The pace for your vacation will be laid back and easy. Many find this to be the ideal combination of resting and enjoying a favored sport. By signing up for a MyGolf weekly membership, you say not only on golf but also on meals and accommodations.

For those who are looking for more action, you can take to a rolling vacation that allows you to play one of the golf trails that takes you to different courses around the area. Pick a spot like the Carolinas and let MyGolf help you plan the perfect round of golf from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to Hilton Head. Here you have the thrill of being able to play on some of the best golf courses in the nation, often playing on courses that have accommodated some of your sport heroes in the past. The structure of this type of vacation does mean you will travel around more, and certainly have a set schedule to follow. But if you enjoy moving about and are interested in playing multiple courses, this is the vacation solution for you.

The whole point of going on a holiday is to enjoy doing something that you want to do. By understanding what you want to get out of your time away from work and other responsibilities, you can make arrangements for the type of golf vacation that will be both fun and refreshing.

MyGolf can assist with tee-time, golf packages and selecting the perfect course for your vacation. Call us today to discuss your dream golf vacation.


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Why Should More Women Play Golf

ladies golfersIf there is one piece of guidance I could give today’s emerging company female, it would be to add golf as a capability in her networking regimen. The advantages are simply too palpable– both for her and her company.

Ladies still only represent about 20 percent of the U.S. playing golf population—a statistic that has remained steady since the beginning of the game. Business women need to learn the game and more businesses are encouraging their women managers and executives to play the game. Why?

Golf has been considered the sport of business. There are very few, if any, activities that can duplicate the power of golf to improve one’s career no matter gender. The game of golf offers unmatchable networking time with customers, potential customers and associates, for those clientele desiring access to senior management. Many companies are missing out on opportunities to grow their customer base by not recognizing the women golfers within their organization.

In a current study that consisted of Executive Women Golf Association members, 79 percent of respondents concur that they can become familiar with an individual better on the course, another large percentage stated that playing golf with clients gave them the opportunity to form new or strengthen existing relationships.

In another study conducted by the Catalyst research firm, close to 46 percent of women stated that being excluded from mail dominated networks was one of the biggest impediments to moving forward in their career. Golf specifically was named as one of these networks.

It’s no coincidence KPMG has chosen golf– and not another sport such as baseball or basketball — as the backdrop to advance women’s leadership on an international scale with the inaugural of KPMG Women’s PGA Championship— an LPGA major.

Sure, many women and men succeed in their organization without ever setting foot on a golf course. Yet sadly, too few females, from millennial to experienced executives, are stating yes to organization golf. Often women with low golf handicaps often feel intimidated to tee-up with fellow workers and customers. Even women who are recognized in their organization as good golfers are not invited to play around with customer they connect with on a daily basis.

Having a larger population of ladies golfers in general will help this gradually. It is important to supply women with greater access to the game and more self-confidence to leave the office for a few hours with associates and customers to gain the distinct organization benefits golf offers.

We strongly believe few things can assist break glass ceilings quite like golf.

Ladies – MyGolf has the perfect answer for improving your game and building confidence. We have golf memberships for a week, month or a year. This will reduce the cost per game and give you plenty of practice. Summer is a great time to work on your game while the prices per round are low.


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Better Golf Swing for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Golf SwingRotator cuff injuries prevail in golf due to the force and tension placed on the muscles through the swing. The rotator cuff belongs of the shoulder that assists to stabilize the whole shoulder and arm through movement. When golf enthusiasts are swinging at the ball, especially when they swing hard, there is a high level of stress put onto the rotator cuff. With time, rotator cuff injuries can turn up and be a pain for a golf player.

Lower Arm Rotation

When swinging the club, prevent rotating the club and turning the wrists through at impact. While it is important to have the face square at impact, it is essential to try to establish a swing with less movement when rotating through the ball.

From the National University of Golf Academy

Slower Swing Speeds

It is essential to slow the swing when having rotator cuff issues. A lot of golf players swing too hard, and slowing the swing would benefit their video games. Distance is significantly identified by contact, and with a slower swing it will increase strong contact and put less stress on the rotator cuff.


Many people have the tendency to strain while swinging the golf club. It is important to be solid with the club however not strain down and through the swing. This can cause pulls and tears in the rotator cuff along with any muscle associated with the golf swing. Keep a smooth, relaxed golf swing.

Shorten the Backswing

To assist lower stress on the rotator cuff, shorten the backswing. Shortening the backswing alleviates tension that is put on the shoulder when a golfer reaches the maximum rotation in the backswing.


Rotator cuffs are naturally not extremely strong and it is essential to strengthen them as much as possible. Develop an exercise regime to help strengthen the rotator cuffs and at the same time produce a more effective golf swing.

Taken from

When you have a golf membership and are not paying full price for round of golf, you can get the exercise you need and only play 9 holes at any given time. This will allow the rotator cuff to heal overtime without putting unnecessary stress on the arm.

Call us today at 843-491-4372 or use our convenient online form to get your membership today. Our website gives you all the details of why our membership can save you money not only on golf but also on dining and entertainment.

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Know Where to Acquire the Best Golf Instruction

golf instructionGolf instructions will help the golfer improve their game. It is available in many different forms. Lessons and sources of information abound that can help you better your game. You can learn tips and imitate the moves of your golf idols by knowing where to get the lessons that you need.

Reliable Sources

Sources of knowledge for the improvement of your golf games can be found almost anywhere. The internet is one of the best sources of this knowledge. You can also purchase books, videos, magazines or enroll at golf instruction schools to polish your skills and help you play like a pro. There is even a site called that will allow you to send them a video or your swing and a professional will analyze it for you. Check it out here

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How To Put Together the Best Family Golf Vacation Package and Enjoy It

Golf Vacation Package North Myrtle BeachMany of the worlds golfers plan their whole families getaway’s around their golf vacation package. Planning for this is a bit more complicated than when you are going on a golf excursion by yourself. However, by “thinking out of the box” it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Perhaps the most critical thing you must do is to ensure, whatever destination, you pick has other activities for your whole family. Let’s face it not everyone in your family wants to spend the whole outing playing golf. The quickest way to ruin the whole getaway is to leave the family sitting in a hotel when you go out to play golf. These tips should help you and your family enjoys the excursion successfully.

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Planning Your Myrtle Beach Charity Golf Events

Myrtle Beach GolfGolf is a great way to bring people together under the umbrella of a charity.  It has become almost a prerequisite for all of corporate America to play golf.  It’s a sport that transcends most socioeconomic strata.  You can play in the most expensive golf arenas or on a public course and basically, you’re playing the same sport.  Charity golf events give people the opportunity to play their favorite game and raise money for their favorite charity, all in the same day.

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Golf Tips for Beginners

myrtle beach golf tee timesPlaying golf is a basic requirement for most of corporate America.  It’s also one of the most popular past times and fiercely played sports.  Each year more and more men and women want to learn the game of golf or improve their handicap scores.  Even if you’ve been playing for years sometimes it requires that you return to the basics to learn to become a better athlete – at any sport.  Here are some intelligent golf tips for beginners to help them learn to play the game and, with practice, win.

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Play Brunswick Plantation!

Brunswick Plantation features 27 great holes that were designed by Willard Byrd. The three nines at Brunswick are called Azalea, Magnolia and Dogwood. The Azalea nine offers a beautiful, serene setting among thick Carolina woodlands, while the Magnolia is reminiscent of the links of Scotland. The Dogwood nine runs along the waters of the Caw Caw Run. It’s wide-open design will allow you to hit every club in the bag, and it offers a memorable experience for golfers of all skill levels. You can’t go wrong at Brunswick Plantation. The course is in great shape and the greens are running fast!

Click Here To Log In For Brunswick Plantation Daily Rates!

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Stop by  MyGolf Shoppe at 1504A Highway 17 South (right next to Beachwood) and stock up with a new glove, tees and  new golf balls from Slazenger.  Only 5.00 per dozen (plus tax). Come by and say hello and grab some for your next golf outing!

Book Tee Times Online At Aberdeen!

After a long wait, Aberdeen Country Club is scheduled to reopen on or around March 29 following massive flooding from Hurricane Matthew. The clubhouse and golf course have both been completely renovated and the course is now taking advanced booking tee times starting on March 29th. You can book online for Aberdeen and many other top non-affiliate courses by going to MyGolf’s Online Tee Time Website or by calling 843-491-4372. Support a popular local golf course as it embarks on a new era!

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Weekly Play Days For March Posted!

Play Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday In March!
Play some great golf with us in March! We’ve posted weekly Play Days: Tuesdays at Hackler Course @ CCU, Wednesdays at Brunswick Plantation  and Sundays at Azalea Sands.  We are adding deals all the time, so make sure you check back often for more specials throughout the early spring season!
Click Here For The Complete Schedule

Great Play Days Coming Up!

Winter is here, and our Play Day schedule is growing! Take advantage of great one-day-only rates at Meadowlands, Beachwood, Leopard’s Chase, Brunswick Plantation, Azalea Sands, Sandpiper Bay and more!  We are adding deals all the time, so make sure you check back often for more specials throughout the Snowbird Season!
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Tournament To Benefit Local Charities

Local Charity Benefit Golf Outing!

Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Legends: Moorland. Sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. Scramble format. Breakfast buffet from 7am to 8am, golf starts at 8:30a. $75 per person, $300 per team. Fee includes breakfast buffet, lunch from menu, golf, cart, $20 gift card, gift bag, skill contests. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Mulligans, 50-50 raffle and gift basket raffle available for additional fees. Charities benefiting include Jason’s House, Backpack Buddies, Tara Hall, Toys For Tots and Pediatric Brain Cancer Research. Contact Jim Prisco with questions at 267-772-7464.

Just Into The New MyGolf Shoppe….


Stop by the new MyGolf Shoppe at 1504A Highway 17 South (right next to Beachwood) and pick up some brand new golf balls! At just 5.29 per dozen (plus tax), you’re looking at around 45 cents per NEW golf ball! Come in to the office to join or renew MyGolf and grab some for your next golf outing!

MyGolf New Store Location

MyGolf’s Shoppe to New Location

​MyGolf’s Shoppe has moved up the street to a new location directly beside the Beachwood Golf Club entrance. Our new address is 1504 Highway 17 S, Suite A in North Myrtle Beach. We are excited about our new place and are looking forward to having our members and the public stop by!

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golfNovember is here and it is still warm outside! Check out our Play Day schedule for great one-day-only rates at Brunswick Plantation, Carolina National, Brick Landing, The Pearl, Beachwood, Sandpiper Bay, Panther’s Run and more! MyGolf will be adding Play Days throughout the month so make sure you check back often for more special deals throughout the month of November!

November Play Days Schedule


Book your tee time during our November Play Days. This month’s schedule will be expanding quickly by adding new courses daily. So check out the schedule, make plans and book your group today, please support our affiliate courses. Click for Play Day Schedule. 

In the News: October 27, 2016


Golf Savings for November Are On Sale Right Now!

A NEW month of Play Passes are here! The weather is still nice so make sure you grab the Play Passes you want right now! Login as a member and purchase Play Passes that are extreme savings for a foursome. A few courses are as low as $20 per person! If you have questions about our Play Pass Program please call our office at 843-491-4372 or email us at


Ladies Night Friday October 28th!


This Friday, ladies, treat yourself to a night of fun with golf lessons, drinks and laughs. MyGolf will be entertaining at Steve Dresser Golf Academy’s Women’s Cheese and Wine Golf Clinic Friday October 28th from  5 pm to 6:30pm (or later!) for just $25 pp. The foccus will be on the full swing, plus a little short game and a lot of fun! Lauren Hunt Fournier will be one of the instructors, so make sure you sign up and enjoy a night of fun on the golf course.

Event Location: 80 Pinehurst Ln, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 
Reservations are required.
Call 843-650-2272 or sign up online!   


In the News: Sept. 30, 2016



The time has finally come! Today starts the 2016 Ryder Cup. The 41st Ryder Cup Matches are being held in the United States from September 30 to October 2, 2016, at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota, a suburb southwest of Minneapolis. Europe enters the competition as the cup holders, having won in 2014 in Scotland for their third consecutive win.

Most golfers know about the Ryder Cup but do our kids that are “supposedly” growing the game know enough? As a golf instructor, I think it is important for kids to not only learn about the game of golf but also the history and big events that happen within this great game. I do not have any children of my own yet but I hope one day I will. I want to share personal golf stories and also stories of the past from golf history. I hope to tell them about “The Big Three” in golf during the 1960s, Arnold Palmer “The King”, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, who are widely credited with popularizing and commercializing golf around the world. I hope to tell them about Tiger Woods, the world’s famous Nike superstar who has more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer. Kids need to know that Tiger is the youngest player to achieve the career Grand Slam, and the youngest and fastest to win 50 tournaments on tour. He has made history up to this point in 2016. They need to know what a Grand Slam is and what the PGA stands for. Growing the game of golf starts not only with the fundamentals of playing the game but knowing what it means to be a golfer and the history behind the sport.

This week is a great opening into introducing  kids into the history by watching the Ryder Cup and explaining what it means to people all around the world. Explain formats and colors and players and the excitement that it arouses among golf fans!

I was fortunate to teach a junior golf clinic yesterday and unfortunately it rained about half way through and we all had to head inside. It was a great opportunity to talk about the Ryder Cup with the kids. I was surprised to find that most of them did not know much about the event. This needs to change! Take time with your kids and help them understand more than just hitting the bar far! I ask this weekend, please get your kids in front of the TV for 15 minutes and watch the Ryder Cup. Make it Fun! Below are a few small questions that I asked my kids during the clinic. Feel Free to use them as a guide to help teach your kids about this historic event being played this weekend! Please help grow the game and keep the sport alive and inspiring to all.


1.) What Countries are competing in the 2016 Ryder Cup Matches?
2.) Name one Format in which the players use this weekend? What is a Format?
3.) How often is the Ryder Cup played?
4.) What Country won the Ryder Cup Last?
5.) Which Team do you want to see win this weekend and why?

In the News: Oct. 4th, 2016

Great deals available right now!


Did you get your MyGolf Play Passes this October? If your answer is no, what are you waiting for? Play Pass rates include GOLF and CARTS for four players! You won’t believe the deals. All you have to do is log in as a MyGolf member right now to get yours!


Play Days And Special Events Save You More! 

We are always offering Play Days to help our members save even more money! We have weekly specials at the Hackler Course at Coastal Carolina and Brunswick Plantation, plus special events days at great courses such as Sandpiper Bay! Make sure to check back regularly for updates — we are always adding new courses and events!

1.) Hackler Course Tuesdays!

The Hackler Course at Coastal Carolina University is operated by the University’s Professional Golf Management program and maintained by Horry Georgetown Technical College’s Sports Turf Management Program. The Hackler Course’s practice facility offers an all grass driving range, practice bunker and a 3,000-square-foot putting green to warm you up before your round. The course itself is a lovely par-72 layout that measures nearly 6,900 yards from the tips.

2.) Brunswick Plantation Wednesdays!

The Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort features 27 holes that offer a memorable experience for golfers of all skill levels. Brunswick emphasizes the natural beauty of the terrain by integrating quick, Bermudagrass greens and lush fairways with their tall Carolina pines. The three nines at Brunswick are called Azalea, Magnolia and Dogwood. You can’t go wrong at Brunswick Plantation!



In the News August 29, 2016

Play Golf under $20 with September Play Passes


septplaypassTake your foursome and save with September’s Play Passes. It’s our very best deals for each month.
Play Passes are available in Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Charlotte, Pinehurst, Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem and more.

Get Ready for the sale starting this Wednesday, August 31st at 7PM.
NOTE: Course limits the number of monthly play passes.
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What do These Icons Means?

Each individual golf course listed has one or more of these icons. What do they stand for?? Click below to find out!     Find Out More

Forest Oaks Country Club 
Golf in Piedmont North Carolina

Play closer to home with our affiliate courses located in North Carolina. These courses welcome you with great rates and tee times. Many of these courses offer monthly play passes with prices so low you have to Log-In and see. Prices include green fee and carts for the entire foursome. 
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In The News: Sept. 26, 2016


MyGolf’s Play Passes are on sale right now! Are you ready to play golf for less with your foursome this October? Take advantage of MyGolf’s Play Passes! Play Pass rates include GOLF and CARTS for four players! You won’t believe the deals. All you have to do is log in right now to get yours!

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What are MyGolf Play Passes? How Do they Work? 
Not sure how MyGolf Play Passes work?
First and foremost — they are going to SAVE you lots of money! Play Passes for October sell out quickly, so you have to be ready to go this Wednesday at 7PM. All of the details are in our video, so watch it right now so you’re prepared!

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Summer Rain

Great Tips for how to play in the rain during the summer months! 
Summer months are here and those afternoon rain showers pop up almost everyday! As golfers we know that, come rain or shine, if we love the game inevitably playing in the rain will happen at some point. I will always remember my first time playing in the rain during a tournament. I was 9 years old and it was a Carolinas Golf Association junior tournament, and my parents and I arrived to the course as the clouds were rolling in. I went to the range and warmed up, and as I approached the first tee it started to rain. I kept walking and looked at the group in front of us and noticed they were continuing play. I looked at the rules official and asked why everyone was still playing and not heading inside because of the rain. He chuckled at me and said, “Well Ms. Hunt I guess it is a good thing we aren’t made of sugar.” As I child I did not know what this meant but after the round, I learned from my parents that golfers play in the rain and that sugar melts when it gets wet.

It can be frustrating to play in tough, rainy conditions, especially if you are not prepared. I want to give you a few tips on playing in the rain, in hopes that the next time you are out on the course in wet conditions, you will be prepared to handle the circumstances.
1.)Check the weather before play!  Make sure you look at the forecast before playing your round so that you can have the proper equipment and become mentally prepared.
2.)Wear a Hat:  Wearing a hat will help keep the rain out of your eyes.
3.)Keep your Grips Dry:  Make sure you wipe your grips and shaft with a dry towel. This will help keep your hands from slipping during a swing.
4.)Umbrella:  Having an umbrella is very beneficial when playing in the rain. It will protect you from getting soaked as opposed to being a little wet.
5.)Extra Towels:  Take access towels and hang them on the inside of your umbrella. This will help keep them as dry as possible considering the conditions.
6.)Extra Gloves:  When it’s raining, it is nice to have multiple gloves. If one gets too wet you can switch to a dry one instead. Another alternative is rain gloves. These can be worn at all times during rainy play. You would not have to change these gloves out. Some players like the feel of a regular glove instead, so make sure if you are one of those players you take extra gloves to change them as they get wet.
7.)Grip Down!  When it rains and the ground gets drenched, your feet will tend to sink in. As your feet get lower to the ground you will be closer to the ball, which can sometimes cause fat shots. If you grip down on the club the same amount you feel that you sunk into the ground, this will help avoid those “chunky shots.”
8.)Pick the Ball: When the ground is wet, it is easier to try and act as if you are hitting the ball instead of making a divot. Try and hit clean shots
9.)Clean your Ball on the Green:  Rain can do weird things to your golf ball. Sometimes the dimples on your ball will fill with water enabling you to make solid contact.  Make sure when you mark your golf ball, you dry the ball off and set the ball down only when you are ready to stroke the ball in the cup.

In the News. August 22, 2016

Play Days in Myrtle Beach


meadowlands-gcAugust play days are coming to an end. However we added two great courses to finish off the month, Farmstead and Meadowlands! Both are popular courses so make plans now to take advantage of the great rates for those particular days!  View play day schedule.

Golf Packages and Advance Tee Times

Scenario A
I am coming to Myrtle Beach for the week, playing 5 rounds. I have a group of 8 players and we want morning tee times. Please help us?
Advanced Tee Times
The quick answer is yes! However we want to take it a little further understanding all of your options. In this case, we would suggest making advance tee times to guarantee those morning rounds. You can use your MyGolf membership card but remember that it comes with the short booking window, 48 hr to 7 days. We cannot promise you will get the times you are asking for by using your MyGolf card.Scenario B
We are two couples who are planning a Myrtle Beach trip for 2 weeks or longer. We have no restrictions and want to play lots of golf at different places. What should we do and where should we play?MyGolf Membership
In this case the membership card would benefit them. The MyGolf card is good for an entire foursome when playing golf. If you have a group of 4 you would only need one card to get discounts and all play at the same rate! We offer a seasonal membership for this type of scenario which is less than our annual membership fees. Its a great way to play for less and be flexible with times during your stay!Our staff is here to help answer any questions you might have We want your vacation to be hassle-free.
grande-dunes_1 prestwickalnational


King Street Grille Joins MyGolf

MyGolf Member Savings: 10% OFF Entire Bill Excluding Alcohol


If you’re a die-hard sports fan, one TV just isn’t good enough. You’re not content watching one game; you want to watch them all. Which is where King Street Grille comes in. The restaurant and upscale sports bar experience is packed with state-of-the-art HD Flat Screen TVs.

South Carolina’s favorite sports bar also features tons of everyday drink and happy hour specials and a big scratch made menu that’s not your typical bar food — in fact, our menu features many award-winning dishes. Charleston City Paper named King Street Grille the “Best Sports Bar” for over a decade and KSG was selected “Best of the Beach” by Surge in Myrtle Beach.

Check Them Out!

The MyGolf Daily News – June 20, 2016

$29 Summer Golf in Myrtle Beach


mygolf-tee-timeSome of the lowest deals of the year happens during the summer months. Go to and book a round today.
For example play any Barefoot course on Wednesday for only $66. Afternoons at International World Tour for only $44. It’s the great bargains of the year. Please call us or Book Online, it the only way to get our MyGolf rates.

Last Chance Play Passes for June


784325Got a foursome? Want to play another round this month? Our MyGolf Play Passes are the best deals. In fact it’s CRAZY how low the prices are for the entire foursome. Some Play Passes end up being just $10 per person. Yes and that also includes Green Fees and Carts with all taxes/fees included. Courses are available in Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst, Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham. Call us today 843-491-4372 or login to the member only section and click Play Passes.

Cool Off with a Road Trip to the Smokey Mountains


5257738MyGolf welcomes our newest resort affiliate, Smoky Mountain Country Club. Located an hour west of Asheville, 2.5 hours north of Atlanta, 2 hours south of Knoxville and minutes from the southern entrance into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a terrific, scenic layout including lodging. Great for the weekend get-a-way. Click here for more info and rates.

Book Your Fall Golf Package and Save!


9901751Let MyGolf package team help you plan for the fall golf season in Myrtle Beach. See what we offer or we can build you a custom package. We Can help with it all!. Get a FREE quote!

Summer Play Days

Sandpiper Bay 4th of July Weekend Special (Just Updated)
Saturday, July 2,3,4 2016
1 2