Play More Golf With Myrtle Beach Golf Discount Cards

Myrtle Beach golf discount cardsDo you want to enjoy playing golf more often for the same amount you’re currently spending? Are you enjoying the challenge of playing on golf courses that you haven’t tried yet? Or perhaps really like making the rounds and teeing up at the different golf courses within your city or state; or maybe, you travel for pleasure or business and have a chance to play golf at different courses all over the United States. If this sounds like you, discovering discount golf courses to go to can help you save a lot of cash on tee times and green fees.

Except if you have a limitless budget allocated to your golfing pursuits, taking part in multiple holes of golf whenever and whenever you want could become really expensive. Why put a strain in your budget if you can instantly begin saving plenty of cash on your tee times and green fees by organizing your golf excursions at discount golf courses or having Myrtle Beach golf discount cards that provide considerable savings by purchasing membership passes.

Numerous avid golf players do not know the fact that for a really small investment they could have fun with more golf at a lower price compared to what they’re spending at present just to have fun with their favorite sports activity. There really isn’t any need to cover expensive green fees if you can get a price reduction, of up to 50%, at discount golf courses all over the United States and Canada.

Don’t allow the word “discount ” trick you, the golf courses are usually a part of the network of golf courses you’ll usually play, and a few are even much better. It is just that “informed golfers” don’t pay top dollar!

The National Golf Foundation said that in 2002, golf players spend approximately $25 billion annually on just golf equipment and golf course fees only. Roughly 80% of the amount is used on green fees for both private and public courses; around $5 billion is allocated for golf equipment.

Figures from 2004 revealed that Americans played more than 500 million rounds of golf; any person who tees up beyond 25 rounds of golf annually can be thought of as an “avid” golf player. This section makes up about two-thirds, or $16.5 billion of the total amount of expenditures related to the sport. By buying Myrtle Beach golf discount cards or cheaper membership passes, you will be able to stretch your golf budget further, and thus play more golf for the amount you’re currently paying out. In addition, using booking services for scheduling is a good choice for golfers who are budget conscious.

There are lots of local businesses and agencies that promote membership passes that provides substantial discounts at local courses. These may be great deals if you want to play near home; you’ll find a great number of offers in a few minutes by surfing the web. For those who like to travel and take part in their favorite past-time, there are numerous businesses that offer discount golf cards that are recognized at several highly regarded private and public golf courses throughout the United States and in Canada.

Just imagine yourself golfing at popular destinations in the country; you will not only be fulfilling the dream of enjoying the best golfing experience, but you could do so without the need to blow out your golf budget. Even though many of such courses would recognize the discounts in the golf season and during weekends, if you want to spread the exact amount to play more golf, doing so off-season is one of the finest methods of doing so. Whatever the case, fall is peak season in almost any location.

Keep in mind, in case you are paying attention to you golfing expenses, playing off-season could result in excellent savings; fall obviously, is prime time in just about any place. So be smart, organize your golf adventures at discount golf courses by purchasing a membership pass, discount golf card, or by reserving your tee times using the many booking solutions that supply a reduce price.

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7 Tips To Prevent Getting Cheated Of Your Discount Green Fees Programs

Myrtle Beach golf discount cardsAre you really getting an excellent deal with Myrtle Beach golf discount cards? Are you simply purchasing a some plastic card for your annual membership? If golf is a sport that you love to play often, you probably know how pricey it could get. Total $50 for greens costs + $20 for the cart, two times a week for more than 20 weeks and you see that you spend almost $3,000 per year playing on golf courses. Your wallet will definitely say “Ouch” even if you notice improvements in your golf game.

Therefore, is the guarantee to “Play more golf and pay less” truly appropriate or merely a having an “unplayable lie?” There are numerous golf discount packages on the market. Many are coupon books. A few are online packages. A handful of work exceptionally well, while there are those that are real duds. So as an experienced golfer, how can you select the one golf discount card that will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Listed here are seven tips that you can use when evaluating a potential online membership golf card to enjoy the savings that you membership will cover.

  1. How massive is the golf course network’s size?

Exactly how many golf courses are in the network?  Does it only have 10?  Or is the network as big as 3,000? More courses is far more beneficial since if 10,000 golfers purchase the membership and the golf courses are just a few – I think you know what that means. You will not obtain an excellent range of tee times since you’re rivaling all of the other members.

  1. Do not go to Idaho just to play golf, if you don’t live there.

Is it only for a single state, such as Wisconsin or maybe New Mexico? Does the network span across the country? Do you need to go Idaho just to find a golf course? With the price of gasoline as well as driving nowadays, are there sufficient number of golf courses within the 50 mile distance? If you intend to go on a vacation in a specific place, does the network cover any golf course within that area?

  1. Except if you love cow pastures, stay away from “Turtle Greens” golf networks.

As I was only learning how to play golf when I was a teen in Wisconsin, my father took us to Turtle Greens, a farmer constructed on a hill within the borders of his farm. The clubhouse was actually a barn; the fairways were really like cow pastures; the shabby looking greens were like a freshly mowed yard. Obviously, we were true hackers as well as kids during the time. Be sure that the golf courses that are part of the membership network are a combination of excellent courses, medium courses as well as “practice” courses. In that way, you could choose the ones you would like for a certain round. At times, you may prefer to take on a tough links course. In other instances, you merely play an easy course as a form of exercise.

  1. Receive reduced prices the whole golf season.

Find out the season’s duration for the golf discounts. Is it only a short period spanning from June to August? Do you need to play golf the month of May or after the month of September? The finest low-cost green fees cards will let you enjoy savings throughout the year provided that  the golf course is available. Never purchase a golf card if you have various types of limitations for seasonal playing.

  1. Learn how simple it is to find a golf course.

I’ve bought a number of local golf discount coupon books and searched through the index to locate the places where these golf courses have been listed. This is actually alright for a paper coupon book. Prior to purchasing all these from a golf store, you could check out the book to know if your preferred golf courses are listed. In the event that you sign up for a web-based discount golf card package, be sure you could lookup the directory of the golf course. You can search using the zip code, state, city, distance to the golf course as well as the name of the golf course. In case the search function is restricted or lacking, do not purchase that membership.

  1. Understand the pros and cons of the network’s golf courses – before making a purchase!

In case the online golf card membership package permits you to browse through, it must also provide you the information of what you will be getting. Various golf courses provide different special discounts. For example the tee times. Are you allowed to play golf on weekdays? Can you avail of the discounts during weekends? Is your golfing limited to a specific time of day, such as right before 7:00 a.m. or past 5:00 p.m.? When a lot of golf courses are part of the network, there would be numerous variations. Just be perfectly sure that there’s sufficient variety to suit the finest periods to tee it up.

  1. Obtain the details of the longevity and performance of the vendor.

Is this a new program? When was it established? Is it serving a lot of members or only a few? Are there any money-back guarantees? You should ask all these important questions, for online services, in particular. Keep in mind that anyone can create a website. Be sure to perform your due diligence and verify the vendor prior to spending your money on it. And make certain that they’ve got a money-back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied. Since you already have this checklist for discount green fees, all you should do is choose a golf card program that will help you cut costs and play golf for less.

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What You Should Know About Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Golf Myrtle BeachThere’s serious money involved in the Myrtle Beach golf package industry. However, as with any business opportunity, this could draw out con artists as well as poor business strategies.

Avoid getting saddled with hidden fees on your golf packages. Some resellers of Myrtle Beach discount golf package do not prioritize the welfare of their customers. Having said that, below are five things you need to know about before you book your next golf package in Myrtle Beach.

The first 2 things appear in the form of hidden costs. Myrtle Beach has been getting a negative reputation among touring golfers due to these hidden surcharges and fees. A recent article in a local newspaper even highlighted this as one of the most common complaints by visiting golfers.

1) Cart Fees – This is required in golf courses. Many golf packages usually leave these fees out. Hidden charges for a golf cart is the first one on the list of golfers’ complaints. Several resellers of Myrtle Beach golf packages conceal a charge of between $20 and $30 and they pass these fees to unknowing tourists who are seeking to enjoy a relaxing game of golf. You should ask beforehand if these golf cart charges are included in the package. If they say no, then you should demand these fees to be included. If they do not agree then find another reseller whom you can do business with.

2) Course Surcharges – A lot of golf packages permit golfers to “upgrade” to a more suitable golf course. This is a standard fee within the Myrtle Beach golf industry. The problem is that numerous golf packages upsell these so-called better golf courses to vacationing golfers. Then, once they pay more, the golfer finds out after playing on the course that they paid more for something that is either just like the original course or sometimes, even much worse. Be sure to research your options well before you pay a surcharge so you could play at a better golf course.

The following two issues usually happen with resellers of Myrtle Beach golf package who have no idea about the local market. Websites these days can easily place a Myrtle Beach logo and promote packages from different places across the nation. You need to only do business with firms that boast of local market connections as well as expertise in the local market.

3) Golf Tour – Some fulfillment facilities market Myrtle Beach golf packages that will have you spending more of your time driving rather than golfing. They do not care about the length of the trip as long as they can make more money. Be sure to be aware of the distances between the accommodations and the golf courses once you go on your next golf vacation.

4) Course Conditions – Sellers of golf packages with no ties to the local community are not aware of the conditions of the golf courses in Myrtle Beach. These firms depend on old details and have little to no clue concerning the annual maintenance schedules. It is bad enough to get tee times at a lower rung course. Do not make the problem much bigger with terrible course conditions. So, what’s the solution? Get in touch with the Myrtle Beach golf courses yourself and inquire about the schedule of their maintenance and ask questions about their course conditions. On the other hand, you can also go with a golf packager that offers extensive knowledge of the local market.

Do you want a golf package? Be sure to consider all these things. Myrtle Beach has more than 120 golf courses and you will surely find one that best suits your needs.

5) Buyers Market – There are certain times of the year when the golf courses outnumber the golfers. This offers you an advantage. It likewise provides you an excuse to think about booking separate tee times. The summer and winter seasons are much slower compared to spring and fall. But, you may occasionally obtain a much better deal if you book tee times on your own even during peak months. Conduct your research and look into various options rather than purchasing golf packages without giving it much thought.

Keep in mind that golf deals will always look good on paper. In case your Myrtle Beach golf package is way below the price of other offers, do not expect a wonderful golfing experience. Be diligent, learn to investigate, read through the fine print, choose a firm that possesses local expertise and request customer referrals. This is the very best recommendation that we can offer you before you buy a Myrtle Beach golf package.

MyGolf is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach golf country and we know the area. For over 15 years we have offered great golf packages and memberships. Call and talk to Ben or Bill for great advice on which courses to frequent.

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Golf Rules You Need To Know Part 3

golf course North Myrtle BeachWelcome back! So, here’s the third installment, a continuation of last week’s discussion about the golf rules you need to know by heart if you plan to play in a tournament.

Unplayable lie

Compared the ones previously mentioned, your drop point does not begin from a spot without any obstruction. You will be faced with three choices:

Play the ball as close to, as you can, to the position where the initial ball was previously played, no closer to the hole. In case it was on the tee, you have the option to re-tee.

You will take a drop about the length of two clubs from the point where the ball rests and not closer the hole.

Make a line from the location of the ball to the hole and drop wherever you want behind that area, maintaining the point between yourself as well as the hole.

I discovered option 2 the hard way right after my golf ball dropped underneath a pine tree during a tournament. I even wondered why the pine tree was there in the middle of the golf course North Myrtle Beach. I could not reach my ball, so I went with the first option which was the 2-clubs length alternative, only to find out that I would still remain underneath the pine tree. A decade later, I’m still cleaning the sap out of my neck.

Play Sequence

This typically pops up in match play, however the person who will play first is the one that is farthest from the hole. In case somebody breaks the sequence, the player can terminate the shot, which will force them to play it again.

However, this has its own caveat: Except if it is an egregious violation, never call this on an opponent. Unless of course you would like their golf putter tomahawked right into your windshield once the round is over.

One-ball condition

This one is uncommon: You normally just observe this one in professional golf tournaments, recently at the Presidents Cup when Phil Mickelson was called for making use of 2 different kinds of makes. Having said that, I have been in club tournaments in the past where this came up, driving people rushing to the pro store.

Sprinkler heads

This falls below the immovable object category, yet occurs so frequently it warrants its very own section. A relief is given from sprinkler heads on the condition that your golf ball, supposed position, or swing is interrupted. The line of play is not covered, which means that when you are putting within the fringe and through a sprinkler into the green, well then, you may wish to bust out a wedge.

Ball Identification

Hidden in the rough and cannot determine if the ball is yours? You are permitted to pick the ball up for identification purposes. According to the USGA: “The player must announce his intention to lift the ball to an opponent, fellow-competitor or marker, and mark the position of the ball. He may then lift the ball and identify it, provided that he gives his opponent, marker or fellow-competitor an opportunity to observe the lifting and replacement.”


Your group finally made it into the putting green; the hole is nearly behind you. And, see that, your ball rested just a few inches away from the pin. You are so fired up that without even thinking, you just had to brush it in, walking off the putting green, you made birdie.

However, the pin was in, and you also hit it. That lowers your score, instead of a bird down to a bogey and just like that your heart sinks into your stomach.

Other offenses include striking a pin that was taken out as well as resting beyond the hole, or when you intentionally left the flag in as you attend to it so your opponent will receive a penalty.

Most competitions have rules officers on the North Myrtle Beach golf course, and all golf players must have their own copy of rules book of USGA inside their bag for more complex scenarios and judgments. However, the earlier mentioned details work as the corner stones for the hurdles that you will most likely come across in a golf tournament. At this point, you can rest easy and not worry too much about the rules, because you are already capable of handling things that the golf course, or your competitors may put in front of you.

Practice your golfing skills before your tournament play. Call MyGolf to know more about their weekly, monthly, and yearly golf membership options.


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Golf Rules You Need To Know Part 2

North Myrtle Beach golfLet’s pick up where we left off last week. Here’s the Part 2 of the golf rules you should remember if you plan to play in a tournament.

Move Growing Things To Improve Your Position Or Lie 

It looks like you have a shot after seeing that your ball came to rest right under the tree. However, there’s that pesky limb that’s hindering your backswing. So, you’re thinking of breaking the branch off. Hold your horses! You cannot do that if you are playing a golf tournament. You absolutely cannot improve your ball’s lie or position. This rule prevents you from bending or moving fixed or growing things within your envisioned swing.

Beach rules

Moving impediments from the sand traps as well as grounding your club are two huge violations. I called these infractions on an opponent in a North Myrtle Beach golf match as per the instruction of my high school golf coach. Because of this, my competitor chunked his first shot in the sand trap. In disgust, he slammed his club. After that he attempted his second shot but not after throwing out a few rocks surrounding his ball. Both of these are violations in a competitive play. He became more furious after I told him about the two offenses.

Rake in bunker 

This one is quite confusing. Per the USGA guidelines, a rake is a “movable obstruction,” which means you can move it in case your ball comes to rest against it.

Tapping down your putts

Since a lot of players these days wear softless spikes, this scenario no longer happens that much. But in case you come across this situation, resist the temptation of pressing down the spike marks that you see on the golf course. If you do, you will suffer a two-stroke penalty.

Lost ball time

You will be given five minutes to search for your golf ball. The timer starts when you begin looking and not after hitting the shot. If you cannot find the ball after the given period, it will be considered lost.

Announcing the provisional

I must admit, I like the word “mulligan.” It changes an unlucky situation like having a lost ball into a plan of action. Without looking at the dictionary, I believe the word’s etymology comes from the movies of Clint Eastwood. Unfortunately, saying mulligan cannot be construed as a correct procedure based on the guidelines of USGA. As a player, you need to say that “I am hitting a provisional” to your opponents. You need to leave your provisional ball in case the original is not lost, out of bounds, or you found out that it is in a water hazard.

On the other hand, whenever you hit an excellent provisional shot, you may not wish to locate your original ball. When someone sees it just before you play a shot using the provisional, you should play the first ball.

Relief from immovable objects, ground under repair, and cart paths

 Most golf players realize that they obtain relief in such situations. In line with that, most have no idea as to the correct way to rectify. You take your position, from that point obtaining one club length of relief. The  new area needs to be with no hindrance from what triggered the drop. From the USGA: “For instance, when the ball is situated on a cart path, the ball should be dropped at a spot where the cart path doesn’t obstruct the ball’s lie, his stance, as well as the portion of planned swing. When the ball rests in this position, it should be re-dropped.”

Be sure to drop by next week for Golf Rules Part 3. If you are interested in golf memberships, call MyGolf and learn more about their weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.


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Golf Rules You Need To Know Part 1

golf in North Myrtle BeachA relaxing game of golf in North Myrtle Beach is way different from competitive play; sometimes, it seems like it is a completely different sport.  With ternament play the tee boxes are set much further back and the green seems miles away. Rather than laughter and breezy chitchats, the atmosphere is tense. Also, and a tap-in putt looks way more than 2 feet.

Next you have the regulations

Most golf players follow an acceptable — a few might say generous — understanding of the laws of the game. Every single hazard is considered lateral, the rocks are tossed away from the bunkers, as well as gimme putts. Lots of gimme putts. To put it simply, the “winter rules”  method for the whole year.

Sad to say, those defiant methods don’t apply in a tournament. The USGA guideline will be the law when it comes to tournament play; it will be followed without discourse. In case you are a novice when it comes to joining a competition, from being used to a stress free club game to a golf tournament played by professional golfers, being knowledgeable about golf’s legislation is a must. And since there are numerous golf rules, you might feel confused. Have no fear: Given below are some of the policies you should know if you plan to play in a golf tournament:

Counting your clubs

Do I really have to? I mean, nobody would bring more than 14 sticks, right?


There are ways to avoid getting a two stroke penalty. One of these is making sure that you double and even triple checking your golf bag well before you place the ball on a golf tee.

Ball gets knocked off the tee

There are many players who still remain unsure of how to proceed once this happens. Easy: You can re-tee with no penalty. (Exception to this rule: You have unsuccessfully tried to hit the ball during your first shot. When the ball is knocked off the tee, playing it where it lies is expected.)

But on the brighter side, because the situation is a little bit more intense in tournament play, you will not have that person who shouts “One!” whenever your ball gets knocked off the tee. I don’t really like that guy.

Offering suggestions

During the weekend, you might check with your buddy what iron they hit, or, while you’re on the green, point to an area and say, “I think that is the line.” Although this kind of action is normal in a typical round, it is considered against the law in tournament play. The consequence is two strokes. (Exception to this rule: In a team game, you and your partner, along with the individual caddies, may discuss strategy.)

The distinction between lateral and water hazards

A water hazard is labeled in yellow, while lateral will be red. If you will not try to play from a hazard — and except if you’ve got a clean shot, we suggest that you don’t — you will face a one-shot penalty.

For a water hazard, you will have three options:

  • Go to the specified drop area (but not every kind of hazard have this).
  • Know where your ball previously entered a water hazard in the Myrtle Beach golf course, then move as far as you would like from that point and the pin.
  • Make your following shot by dropping a ball to the nearest point where you played your previous stroke. You may re-tee in case it was your first shot.

A lateral hazard is a bit different. Just like with yellow stakes, there is a need to identify the location wherein the ball crossed into the hazard. But, you’ll be provided a two clubs length spot to drop. You may also move to the opposite side of the hazard — presuming that it is not near the hole — and drop there too.

This is it for the first set of rules that you need to know if you plan to play in a golf tournament. Don’t forget to drop by next week for Golf Rules Part 2.

Call Mygolfnus now and learn more about our weekly, monthly, and yearly golf memberships.

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The Shifting Sands of Myrtle Beach Golf

With Heather Glen Golf Links apparently closing at the end of the year, many people are asking about the future of Myrtle Beach golf. If it closes, Heather Glen would join a group of recently closed courses that includes Black Bear, Waterway Hills, Wicked Stick, Cypress Bay, Island Green and Wedgefield Plantation. Course closings are never a good thing, but they are also not new to the Myrtle Beach area. Courses such as Bay Tree, Marsh Harbour,  Angel’s Trace and many more have closed over the years, yet golf continues to roll on around the Grand Strand. Golf certainly isn’t dead in the area — both Crow Creek and Arcadian Shores are spending big bucks to renovate their courses — but the climate is changing. So what can we expect for the future?

  • MyGolf will strive to add value to its membership. We will continue to offer E-Specials, Play Days, Special Events, Play Passes and Online Coupons to help save you more money. We also realize that with so many choices out there, it can get confusing. We have streamlined our web pages, including our member’s page, to make things more accessible for you. We want MyGolf to be your one-stop shop for saving money on golf.
  • Prices will continue to rise and fall seasonally. They will be higher in the Spring and Fall months when the weather is ideal and lower in the hot summer and cold winter months. Less courses, however, means that rates will likely be a tad higher overall.
  • The golf package business will trundle on. If you are a golfer that needs your tee times booked well in advance, they will always be available for a premium price. If you are a little more flexible, short-term tee times and rates will be out there, but some of the more popular courses are more likely to sell out, especially with less options after course closings. Fortunately for you, MyGolf offers both options for booking!
  • Online booking will continue to grow. MyGolf has added a tee time booking website to keep up with this trend. You can book non-affiliate courses there along with our MyGolf affiliate courses, though as usual, your best affiliate deals can be had by logging in for the rates, calling the course and booking directly.
  • Dynamic Pricing is in effect for some Myrtle Beach golf courses. This means that higher-demand tee times will be priced higher than lower-demand tee times. It’s a lot like the way airlines or hotels are priced; if there is only one seat on a popular flightor one hotel room in a city where there is a popular event, the price will be higher that a seat on an empty plane or non-happening city. Not all courses use this system, but the ones run by Chinese-owned Founders Group International do. MyGolf affiliates, for the most part, do not.

So…what does all this really mean? In short, you, the golfing public, determine the value of a round and whether prices are too high or too low for you. MyGolf offers rates at 55+ affiliates in the Myrtle Beach area and you can book another 20+ courses on our online booking platform. If prices rise at Course A, MyGolf can offer lower-priced selections at Course B, Course C, etc. The opportunities are still vast for playing great rounds of golf at value prices. You just have to know where to look, and we hope you turn to MyGolf for your golfing needs.

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5 Tips On Teaching Your Kid To Play Golf

North Myrtle Beach golf courseGolf is among the best sports activities you could play with your loved ones. It gives lots of benefits to your children like having a quality time with you and your family and enhancing your children’s emotional and physical health. Playing on an actual golf course also offers a great chance for your family to discover and experience the outdoor as well as temporarily stay away from iPads and iPhones.

Playing golf with your child is both exciting and advantageous. On the other hand, it will require you to spend time and patience when teaching them how to play golf so they can truly enjoy the sport while helping them concentrate on the game.  There are many methods and skills that can assist you in handling this concern.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

If they want to play well, you and your children need to practice a lot. However, your youngsters are slower plus their attention span is quite short. For this reason, you need to bring them to the North Myrtle Beach golf course in the late evening when there are only a few people around. In case your kids take more time than usual in hitting the ball, you do not need to worry that it would create a long queue. You will also find some golf courses that allot certain time and spot for children.

  1. Do Not Focus On Techniques Only

All of us want our kids to learn how to play golf correctly and beautifully. They need to know the correct posture. You can also allow your child to explore golfing on their own. What you need to do is to follow them and explain things or answer questions that they may have as they play the sport. Complex instructions and making corrections are not necessary.

Keep in mind that keeping your children feeling encouraged and happy is much more important than anything. Even though you are well aware that their postures and techniques are incorrect, be sure to compliment them every time they anytime they perform a swing or shot. If you take golfing too seriously, you child will eventually get bored and won’t play.

North Myrtle Beach golf course

  1. Give Them The Proper Equipment

When your children make use of your equipment, the odds are that the golf clubs are too long, heavy, and high, which make it hard for them to swing and hit the ball. For that reason, you need to think about purchasing the right golf equipment specially made for children. You could bring them along to the shop and let them try swinging the golf clubs and check if they fit.

  1. Kneel Down When Teaching Them

This method needs to be used whenever you teach your kids anything, not just golf. When guiding and teaching your children, you have to kneel down to a level where your eyes meet their eyes. Be sure to say basic words only and avoid using technical words. Do not forget to ask they understood what you said say before you continue. Apart from that, be patient and do not raise or lower your voice, if possible. These are signs that you’re losing patience and your children will know. Once they do, they will become nervous. Show them each step you. If you are finding it hard to explain using simple words, you can just show them how to do, in that way your child will get to understand it better.

  1. Don’t Forget About The Rewards

Your children will certainly love all sorts of presents and rewards. You can give your kids a reward and gift whenever they win something on the golf course North Myrtle Beach. This will make them become more competitive and dedicated the game. These are some of the things you should follow so you can help your kids have a great time while playing golf. You also need to know that you have to be supportive of your kids when they are playing golf or any other sport. Always encourage them and be sure to give them compliments. Help your kids become engaged in the game by giving them reasonable gifts. You are sure to have a good time playing golf with your kids if you follow the tips mentioned above.

Taking your whole family to the golf course while on vacation in Myrtle Beach is a great time to spend time with them and have fun at the same time. MyGolf has weekly golf memberships to make this an affordable experience. Call us today to reserve your membership.

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5 Tips To Make Your Summer Golf Vacation A Hot Success

summer golf Myrtle BeachYou’re excited about that summer golf trip and the great deals you’ll get on some of the top North Myrtle Beach golf courses. Just when you’re ready to have some fun, you notice how hot it is outside. Your enthusiasm starts to fade with every drop of sweat that seeps out of your body. All of a sudden, you begin to ask yourself what was going through your mind when you were captivated by the thought of playing in high-end golf courses for low green fees during the hot summer.

Don’t worry! All you need is just a little preparation and a few concessions and you’ll be on your way to enjoying that amazing budget golf this summer. There are lots of misguided beliefs circulating about golf heat techniques. To make sure that you enjoy your North Myrtle Beach summer golf vacation, here are some tips that you should follow.

Tips for Playing Golf in Summer

Take the heat: With both heat and high humidity, you will need to stay hydrated, so take plenty of water. The new Yetti type containers are great for keeping water cold.  More on this later.  There is also a risk that your skin might burn twice as fast under the scorching sun, even if you do not feel as hot. When temperatures begin hovering over triple digits, toss any heat qualifiers away.  Wearing a long sleeve shirt will help to keep your skin from absorbing the heat and actually be cooler than a T-shirt or tank top.  But that does not mean you can’t do something you enjoy like play golf. You simply need to acknowledge that it is only a part of the experience and there is no use whining about it. Endure the hot summer heat while playing and you’re sure to have some great stories to tell at the next party back home.

Put aside the early morning tee time routine: Tell someone you’re golfing in the summer in South Carolina and they will undoubtedly advise you to reserve an early morning tee time. May it be 6:30 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. – it’s never too early. The person who made the recommendation will be all self-important and solemn about it as if he just gave away an important secret. Newsflash! Almost everyone knows that and it has become so common that it no longer makes practical sense. In the event that you still follow this suggestion, you’ll find yourself in a jam-packed golf course, filled with people who wish to play because it is still a bit cooler. And any minor improvement in temperature comfort is going to be canceled out by crowd irritation. You’ll end up feeling more aggravated during a five and a half round rubbernecking on the tees during a 95-degree temp rather than a four hour round at 105 degrees. Besides, the entire up-before-the-roosters method is the opposite of the goal of most golf trips. You should be on vacation.

Increase your liquid intake fourfold: We are referring to water and you need to drink lots of it. A basic rule is that if you are not using the restroom facilities on the course more often then you are not drinking enough. Or we can just simply say drink more than what you’re used to. This means water – not other beverages like soda or beer which will actually dehydrate you.

The problem is that nobody seems to follow this rule, especially golfers who are inexperienced in the stifling heat. You were feeling fine earlier and then, out of the blue, your knees become wobbly and you are ending your round early. That’s it for your summer bargain.

This can occur to just about anyone. If you wish to avoid it then you have to drink one bottled water for every three holes if its 90 degrees. When it’s over 100, make it a bottle for every two holes. Since you will be drinking as many as nine bottles of water for every 18 holes, you might want to consider buying them from the supermarket to save a few bucks.

Choose your courses wisely: Courses with lots of Carolina Pines are perfect. This is the best time to put great importance on tree coverage so you’ll get a bit of shade. Consider golf courses in North Myrtle Beach for your summer swing.

Park your car in the shade: Seems pretty easy, but the thing you don’t want to do after 4 hours of golf fun under the heat of the sun is to settle into some baked leather car seats. That’s why golfers always park in the shade.

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Golf Equipment You Need To Start Playing

Golf equipmentIf it is your first time to play golf, you need to learn what golf equipment you have to purchase. To begin with, let us discuss the clubs, which are categorized into three groups. These are woods, putters, and irons. Each of these clubs serves distinct purposes and if a golfer wants to play the game properly, he or she has to determine which piece he needs to use to make certain types of shots. Therefore, prior to playing for the very first time, it is recommended for you to educate yourself on the functions of the specific kinds of gold clubs.


The woods in fact initially had wooden heads and that was where its name originated. They are used if the golfer wants the ball to go very far. A wood is the perfect golf club when making the first shot off the golf tee. This type of golf club is unique this way due to how its head is angled. The irons were given this name since their heads were metallic in nature. This type of golf club is used more during the middle of the game when the golfer attempts to move closer to the hole. Putters are extremely useful when it making short distance shots. This particular golf club works best if you need to make accurate shots. If you observe the games, these clubs are used on the putting green whenever a golfer wants to sink the ball into the hole.

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Tips To Stay Cool When Playing Golf In Hot Weather

hot weather golfYou don’t need to stay in the states of Florida, Arizona, and Texas to understand that golfing under the scorching heat of the summer can be dangerous to your wellbeing. Even the golfers from the Northeast whine about the rather high humidity, which they encounter during July.


Rather than stressing and complaining regarding the weather conditions, though, why don’t you stop getting upset and start loving playing golf in hot weather? All you need to do is follow these easy “Summer Golf for Dummies” methods to have a secure and fun hot weather golfing.

  1. Find New Approaches

With all things considered, Englishwomen and mad dogs are the only ones that go to the greens and fairways during high noon, a time when the humidity and heat are extremely fierce. Earlier tee times is the most sensible thing to do for various reasons.  We realize that morning tee times tend to be more expensive than tee off times later in the day, but with a weekly golf passport you can save money any time of day. However, if you have to play golf – when you need to do it does not really matter – read on for the different ways to fight the scorching temperatures.

  1. Leave the Heineken

“Water, water, give me more water” need to be every golfer’s mantra, Regardless of season, a golfer’s motto should always be “water, water, get me more water.” It is clear that you need to stay hydrated if you wish to be able to endure the heat. The problem is that golfers seem to be uninformed of the coffee, beer, soda, and other alcohol’s dehydrating effects.

  1. Allow the grass to grow

Health professionals recommend that you cut down on unnecessary outdoor activities such as lawn mowing and trimming. Because golf clearly does not fall under the”nonessential” group, conserve your energy for the chores that are really crucial, like hitting a tiny white ball using a huge club head.

  1. Don’t Eat Too Much

You might want to pump up on carbs for the Boston Marathon, however, finishing up your spaghetti before going to the links is among of those big no-no’s when it comes to hot weather golf because large starchy meals can weigh you down and may lead to more than just the boiling over of your golf cart. Instead, keep your energy all throughout your round by munching on lighter fare such as nuts, veggies, and fruits.

  1. Hide those washboard abs (and we are not referring to hiding the beer)

We know you busted your ass all winter to get fid but you need to change those tight fitting spandex created to show off your six packs for more comfortable clothing made from cotton or moisture-absorbing fabric.

  1. Light-hued garments thwart light and heat compared to dark colors

Let us be honest, who has not imagined teeing it up in the altogether especially when it is extremely hot? OK, it might be much more like everybody’s nightmare, however, when you are all set to snob the dress code, wearing clothes that are lighter in color can prevent too much sweat, chafing, as well as overheating. Wearing a long sleeve short as opposed to a tank top will prevent your skin from absorbing the heat and actually be cooler.

  1. Protect Your Skin

Don’t forget your sunscreen as well as lip balm. Professionals recommend that you put on water-resistant 30 SPF sunscreen for a minimum of one hour well before subjecting your skin to the sun. Be sure to reapply every hour or so afterwards. Golf professionals will always tell you “don’t burn, reapply at the turn.”

  1. Wear Accessories

Sunglasses, visors and hats are essential in the summer sun. Hats with wide brims offer the best protection, and a baseball cap that comes with a visor is going to provide you with some sort of shade. Ladies,  you may want to go with a Sunday Afternoons Sundancer hat, which can protect your face and neck thanks to its pleated drape, all in moisture-absorbing SPF-50-plus cloth. The chapeau can also prevent the sweat from getting into your eyes. Polarized eyewear, is one of the most effective when it comes to protecting your baby blues from harmful rays.

  1. Bring cold drinks

What should you do when you are on the eighth fairway, dealing with that long approach shot over water, there are no beverage cart around the corner, and your brain is burning up? Check the cooler of your golf bag for an icy cold burst of thirst quenching liquid refreshment. A lot of bags feature an insulated cooler liners. You can also go undercover with one that will fit into your the standard zippered pocket of the sack. However, you need to be careful. You may want to rent a cart or maybe hire a caddy since you will be hauling a little more weight, which would include the ice pack as well as water bottles.

  1. Rejuvenating fashion statement

Practically nothing can make a golfer say, “Ah!” during summer than a refreshingly cold and wet towel placed on the neck’s back. Soak the towel at every watering hole or maybe put it back into the ice chest for renewal. In addition to this, come up with a rejuvenating fashion statement by utilizing bandanas and other similar accessories (take a tip from motor cycle riders and purchase a neck bandana with a cooling pack specifically designed to keep you cool). Your collar will remain dry and it will be simple for you to swing the with the stylish neck add-on securely attached.

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Planning Your Next Golf Vacation

Golf Myrtle BeachFor the golf enthusiast, nothing is quite as refreshing as going on a golf vacation – regardless of the time of year. There is the chance to put work and other concerns to the side and focus on doing something that one enjoys. Of course, there are several different ways to plan a vacation that is built around the theme of golf. Here are a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider as you plan out your holiday.

If you are interested in finding a single spot to set up camp for the duration of your vacation like Myrtle Beach, then you may want to check into resorts that cater to golf enthusiasts. These types of resorts will usually have excellent courses that you can play, as well as a professional trainer that can help you with your game.  You get to play on your own schedule, as much or as little each day as you prefer. The pace for your vacation will be laid back and easy. Many find this to be the ideal combination of resting and enjoying a favored sport. By signing up for a MyGolf weekly membership, you say not only on golf but also on meals and accommodations.

For those who are looking for more action, you can take to a rolling vacation that allows you to play one of the golf trails that takes you to different courses around the area. Pick a spot like the Carolinas and let MyGolf help you plan the perfect round of golf from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to Hilton Head. Here you have the thrill of being able to play on some of the best golf courses in the nation, often playing on courses that have accommodated some of your sport heroes in the past. The structure of this type of vacation does mean you will travel around more, and certainly have a set schedule to follow. But if you enjoy moving about and are interested in playing multiple courses, this is the vacation solution for you.

The whole point of going on a holiday is to enjoy doing something that you want to do. By understanding what you want to get out of your time away from work and other responsibilities, you can make arrangements for the type of golf vacation that will be both fun and refreshing.

MyGolf can assist with tee-time, golf packages and selecting the perfect course for your vacation. Call us today to discuss your dream golf vacation.

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Why Should More Women Play Golf

ladies golfersIf there is one piece of guidance I could give today’s emerging company female, it would be to add golf as a capability in her networking regimen. The advantages are simply too palpable– both for her and her company.

Ladies still only represent about 20 percent of the U.S. playing golf population—a statistic that has remained steady since the beginning of the game. Business women need to learn the game and more businesses are encouraging their women managers and executives to play the game. Why?

Golf has been considered the sport of business. There are very few, if any, activities that can duplicate the power of golf to improve one’s career no matter gender. The game of golf offers unmatchable networking time with customers, potential customers and associates, for those clientele desiring access to senior management. Many companies are missing out on opportunities to grow their customer base by not recognizing the women golfers within their organization.

In a current study that consisted of Executive Women Golf Association members, 79 percent of respondents concur that they can become familiar with an individual better on the course, another large percentage stated that playing golf with clients gave them the opportunity to form new or strengthen existing relationships.

In another study conducted by the Catalyst research firm, close to 46 percent of women stated that being excluded from mail dominated networks was one of the biggest impediments to moving forward in their career. Golf specifically was named as one of these networks.

It’s no coincidence KPMG has chosen golf– and not another sport such as baseball or basketball — as the backdrop to advance women’s leadership on an international scale with the inaugural of KPMG Women’s PGA Championship— an LPGA major.

Sure, many women and men succeed in their organization without ever setting foot on a golf course. Yet sadly, too few females, from millennial to experienced executives, are stating yes to organization golf. Often women with low golf handicaps often feel intimidated to tee-up with fellow workers and customers. Even women who are recognized in their organization as good golfers are not invited to play around with customer they connect with on a daily basis.

Having a larger population of ladies golfers in general will help this gradually. It is important to supply women with greater access to the game and more self-confidence to leave the office for a few hours with associates and customers to gain the distinct organization benefits golf offers.

We strongly believe few things can assist break glass ceilings quite like golf.

Ladies – MyGolf has the perfect answer for improving your game and building confidence. We have golf memberships for a week, month or a year. This will reduce the cost per game and give you plenty of practice. Summer is a great time to work on your game while the prices per round are low.


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Better Golf Swing for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Golf SwingRotator cuff injuries prevail in golf due to the force and tension placed on the muscles through the swing. The rotator cuff belongs of the shoulder that assists to stabilize the whole shoulder and arm through movement. When golf enthusiasts are swinging at the ball, especially when they swing hard, there is a high level of stress put onto the rotator cuff. With time, rotator cuff injuries can turn up and be a pain for a golf player.

Lower Arm Rotation

When swinging the club, prevent rotating the club and turning the wrists through at impact. While it is important to have the face square at impact, it is essential to try to establish a swing with less movement when rotating through the ball.

From the National University of Golf Academy

Slower Swing Speeds

It is essential to slow the swing when having rotator cuff issues. A lot of golf players swing too hard, and slowing the swing would benefit their video games. Distance is significantly identified by contact, and with a slower swing it will increase strong contact and put less stress on the rotator cuff.


Many people have the tendency to strain while swinging the golf club. It is important to be solid with the club however not strain down and through the swing. This can cause pulls and tears in the rotator cuff along with any muscle associated with the golf swing. Keep a smooth, relaxed golf swing.

Shorten the Backswing

To assist lower stress on the rotator cuff, shorten the backswing. Shortening the backswing alleviates tension that is put on the shoulder when a golfer reaches the maximum rotation in the backswing.


Rotator cuffs are naturally not extremely strong and it is essential to strengthen them as much as possible. Develop an exercise regime to help strengthen the rotator cuffs and at the same time produce a more effective golf swing.

Taken from

When you have a golf membership and are not paying full price for round of golf, you can get the exercise you need and only play 9 holes at any given time. This will allow the rotator cuff to heal overtime without putting unnecessary stress on the arm.

Call us today at 843-491-4372 or use our convenient online form to get your membership today. Our website gives you all the details of why our membership can save you money not only on golf but also on dining and entertainment.

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Know Where to Acquire the Best Golf Instruction

golf instructionGolf instructions will help the golfer improve their game. It is available in many different forms. Lessons and sources of information abound that can help you better your game. You can learn tips and imitate the moves of your golf idols by knowing where to get the lessons that you need.

Reliable Sources

Sources of knowledge for the improvement of your golf games can be found almost anywhere. The internet is one of the best sources of this knowledge. You can also purchase books, videos, magazines or enroll at golf instruction schools to polish your skills and help you play like a pro. There is even a site called that will allow you to send them a video or your swing and a professional will analyze it for you. Check it out here

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How To Put Together the Best Family Golf Vacation Package and Enjoy It

Golf Vacation Package North Myrtle BeachMany of the worlds golfers plan their whole families getaway’s around their golf vacation package. Planning for this is a bit more complicated than when you are going on a golf excursion by yourself. However, by “thinking out of the box” it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Perhaps the most critical thing you must do is to ensure, whatever destination, you pick has other activities for your whole family. Let’s face it not everyone in your family wants to spend the whole outing playing golf. The quickest way to ruin the whole getaway is to leave the family sitting in a hotel when you go out to play golf. These tips should help you and your family enjoys the excursion successfully.

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Planning Your Myrtle Beach Charity Golf Events

Myrtle Beach GolfGolf is a great way to bring people together under the umbrella of a charity.  It has become almost a prerequisite for all of corporate America to play golf.  It’s a sport that transcends most socioeconomic strata.  You can play in the most expensive golf arenas or on a public course and basically, you’re playing the same sport.  Charity golf events give people the opportunity to play their favorite game and raise money for their favorite charity, all in the same day.

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Golf Tips for Beginners

myrtle beach golf tee timesPlaying golf is a basic requirement for most of corporate America.  It’s also one of the most popular past times and fiercely played sports.  Each year more and more men and women want to learn the game of golf or improve their handicap scores.  Even if you’ve been playing for years sometimes it requires that you return to the basics to learn to become a better athlete – at any sport.  Here are some intelligent golf tips for beginners to help them learn to play the game and, with practice, win.

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Play Brunswick Plantation!

Brunswick Plantation features 27 great holes that were designed by Willard Byrd. The three nines at Brunswick are called Azalea, Magnolia and Dogwood. The Azalea nine offers a beautiful, serene setting among thick Carolina woodlands, while the Magnolia is reminiscent of the links of Scotland. The Dogwood nine runs along the waters of the Caw Caw Run. It’s wide-open design will allow you to hit every club in the bag, and it offers a memorable experience for golfers of all skill levels. You can’t go wrong at Brunswick Plantation. The course is in great shape and the greens are running fast!

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Book Tee Times Online At Aberdeen!

After a long wait, Aberdeen Country Club is scheduled to reopen on or around March 29 following massive flooding from Hurricane Matthew. The clubhouse and golf course have both been completely renovated and the course is now taking advanced booking tee times starting on March 29th. You can book online for Aberdeen and many other top non-affiliate courses by going to MyGolf’s Online Tee Time Website or by calling 843-491-4372. Support a popular local golf course as it embarks on a new era!

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Weekly Play Days For March Posted!

Play Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday In March!
Play some great golf with us in March! We’ve posted weekly Play Days: Tuesdays at Hackler Course @ CCU, Wednesdays at Brunswick Plantation  and Sundays at Azalea Sands.  We are adding deals all the time, so make sure you check back often for more specials throughout the early spring season!
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Great Play Days Coming Up!

Winter is here, and our Play Day schedule is growing! Take advantage of great one-day-only rates at Meadowlands, Beachwood, Leopard’s Chase, Brunswick Plantation, Azalea Sands, Sandpiper Bay and more!  We are adding deals all the time, so make sure you check back often for more specials throughout the Snowbird Season!
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Tournament To Benefit Local Charities

Local Charity Benefit Golf Outing!

Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Legends: Moorland. Sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. Scramble format. Breakfast buffet from 7am to 8am, golf starts at 8:30a. $75 per person, $300 per team. Fee includes breakfast buffet, lunch from menu, golf, cart, $20 gift card, gift bag, skill contests. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Mulligans, 50-50 raffle and gift basket raffle available for additional fees. Charities benefiting include Jason’s House, Backpack Buddies, Tara Hall, Toys For Tots and Pediatric Brain Cancer Research. Contact Jim Prisco with questions at 267-772-7464.

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