Myrtle Beach weekend golf tripsLooking for an amazing place for the perfect golf vacation in the US? Search no further, since we have a solution to your problem! If Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips never crossed your mind, then it might just be the best time to make that step. Golfing at the Myrtle Beach golf clubs is an extremely relaxing experience, an opinion that numerous golfers across the nation would surely agree to.

Regardless of your playing ability level, when you are seriously interested about golf and you also want to enjoy the experience while bettering your game, you should not miss out on the chance to try out up to 120 different golfing courses in Myrtle Beach. The only problem that you you might encounter is choosing which golf course to go to first?

The very best golf courses that Myrtle Beach can offer:

Myrtle Beach, as previously mentioned, is renowned for its many golf courses. Let us give you a brief overwiew about some of them:

North Myrtle Beach

If you want to go north bound on the Myrtle Beach for you much needed golf getaway, Barefoot is one location that you should look into. Well, this does not imply that you’ll be walking around the golf course barefoot! But it surely suggests that the golf courses will provide you the exact same closeness to the environment as if you are walking barefoot! These Barefoot courses have plenty of challenges for both seasoned pros and newbie golfers.

Here, you’ve got three superb golf courses to pick from.  An ideal golfing weekend in this place may cost you between $300 and $627. The price range depends on the facilities on board. Regardless of which golf course you choose in the end, you will surely have a wonderful time and your cash will definitely be well spent.

Central Myrtle Beach

The Legend golf resort situated in Central Myrtle Beach is a great golfing spot for those planning for a weekend getaway. The Parkland golf course in Legends, Central Myrtle Beach is certainly one of the golf courses that you should consider. It belongs to the list of premier golf courses in the country and it is endowed with a wonderful natural terrain, it provides significant challenges that you will surely like if you are a seasoned golfer. When playing here, it’s not uncommon to run into deep-faced bunkers or perhaps dense fairways with a large number of trees.

If you are planning for a weekend vacation and you’re in search of the best golf package that is suitable for your needs, then you should think about the Legends 3 rounds special. This package begins at an affordable price of $55 per night for one person. You can stay for 3 nights and enjoy 3 rounds of golf. Apart from that, you will also be offered a complimentary breakfast and take advantage of their housekeeping services. You will surely feel like a boss with the many different luxuries that you can avail!

Another excellent Myrtle Beach weekend golf trip that you should also take into consideration is the Litchfield Country Club. It’s the only golf course that  managed to keep its classic looks and resisted the temptation of changing and adapating the contemporary trends. If you want to go back in time and enjoy the sophistication that golf had a century ago, Litchfield Country Club is where you should be. Given that, you can expect the prices to be a bit expensive at about $300 for the weekend stay.

To sum it all up, there are lots of Myrtle Beach weekend golf trips to check out and each one guarantees an unforgettable and uniquely special golf experience. Call MyGolf and ask about the golf membership card if you wish to enjoy great savings on golf fees.

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