Myrtle Beach Golf Tee Times

golf vacation Myrtle BeachA golf vacation can both be an exciting and exhausting experience. If you want to make sure that your next golf vacation will be better than the previous one you had, we’ve provided some tips that can minimize the hassles and make sure that you get the most enjoyment out of your trip.

Bring Extra Pair Of Golf Shoes, Sandals

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of golf shoes and a pair of sandals, too. The golf shoes available in the market today look a lot like regular sneakers and they can be used for evening shoes in pubs, restaurants, and grill rooms. Meanwhile, you can use the pair of sandals during off-course hours. It will allow your feet to breathe whether you are in your condo or hotel, near the swimming pool, or when you are in transit.

Buy A Durable Travel Bag

The quality of the travel bag that you bring also matters. If possible, use one that has wheels, for ease of transport especially at airports. Don’t forget to insert a towel covered broomstick, which should be longer than the driver, or a product called Stiff Arm into your golf bag. It will absorb the impact in case your bag is accidentally dropped upside down.

Make The Most Of Your Time

You should also maximize your Myrtle Beach golf vacation. Depending on how long and how often you want to play golf during your vacation, leaving early as well as returning late on the day of your departure day can provide you the opportunity to play a full round or perhaps nine holes on these two travel days.

Consider Shipping Services

If you are on a tight connecting flight, you might want to consider shipping golf clubs to your last destination.

Try A New Golf Course After A Long Layoff

Consider playing a traveler’s game. Split the round into ‘good holes’, (usually birdies or pars) ‘OK holes’ (generally bogeys and in some instances double bogeys), and ‘others.’ At the end of the round, find out if you were able to get a good number of ‘good holes’ and ‘OK holes’ and only a few of ‘others.’ It will assist in equanimity and result in a more exciting and fun excursion.

Bring Your Umbrella

Don’t forget your umbrella and your rain pants just in case it rains when you are about to or currently playing a good round of golf.

Pack Light

A lot of golfers have a tendency to choose a shirt, rain jacket, wind vest, sweater, and so on when going to a marquee destination. You need to save some space for mementos that will mark your great adventures both in and out of the golf course.

Car Size Matters

If you are going with your friends or family, be sure that you choose a big rental car. Book a large SUV or maybe a minivan to ensure maximum comfort.

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