golf vacation Myrtle BeachAre you still trying to figure out what Christmas gift to buy for a friend or loved one who is extremely difficult to please? Economic science is here to help! As it turns out, experience gifts like visiting a winery, going on a golf vacation, or a ticket to a grand theme park make a lot of people happier than receiving a pair of expensive earrings or new electronic gadget. You might not believe this but science can actually back it up.

You might be wondering now why we give material gifts instead of experience gifts if the latter is considered to be a much better option? According to a study on gifts and happiness, many of us associate happiness to material things even though they can never compare to the positive feelings brought on by experience gifts. We often forget about this fact partly due to our culture, which is bombarded with adverts, films, and etc. that most of the time link happiness with receiving something that is wrapped. Maybe it is time to change this common notion.

It is Exciting!

One of the best things about experience gifts like a golf vacation Myrtle Beach is the waiting part. The recipient of the experience gift will feel excited and that feeling of anticipation is what makes this gift so thrilling. Experience gifts start inciting happiness even before it actually happens, based on a certain study that was published in Psychological Science.

We Get More Value

Experience gifts, according to another research, gives up more pleasure and offers better value for money. We often think that material gifts are valuable and will make us happier. But once we receive them, we often don’t get to feel that genuine joy. Another point is if you value true happiness, then you will appreciate experience gifts more than material gifts.

Improves Social Connections

Experience gifts are often lived out in pairs or in groups and this is one of the key reasons why they are so great. You are not just creating new memories but you are also sharing new experiences with other people. All these contribute greatly to the general satisfaction with experience gifts. Experience gifts allow us to bond with people, which scientists often refer to as “social connectedness.”

Don’t Incite Envy Or Competition

Another study also revealed that experience gifts are often not compared to what other people received. But if you receive a material gift, your eyes are likely to wander around and see how your gift compares to other people’s gifts. This turns into a distraction and we tend to forget how much we like the present. This rarely happens with experience gifts. The comparative problem will not be an issue.

Creates Valuable Memories

We often think that giving physical gifts gives more happiness because it lasts longer. But that concept is actually wrong. Humans love to have new things, which means what you like now may not be that pleasurable after a month or so. But the memories that you make with the experience gift like playing golf will remain special and unforgettable even if you receive several other Christmas gifts year after year.

Why don’t you consider giving experience gifts? Get your family or friends a memorable golf vacation. Call MyGolf now for more information.

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