ladies golfersIf there is one piece of guidance I could give today’s emerging company female, it would be to add golf as a capability in her networking regimen. The advantages are simply too palpable– both for her and her company.

Ladies still only represent about 20 percent of the U.S. playing golf population—a statistic that has remained steady since the beginning of the game. Business women need to learn the game and more businesses are encouraging their women managers and executives to play the game. Why?

Golf has been considered the sport of business. There are very few, if any, activities that can duplicate the power of golf to improve one’s career no matter gender. The game of golf offers unmatchable networking time with customers, potential customers and associates, for those clientele desiring access to senior management. Many companies are missing out on opportunities to grow their customer base by not recognizing the women golfers within their organization.

In a current study that consisted of Executive Women Golf Association members, 79 percent of respondents concur that they can become familiar with an individual better on the course, another large percentage stated that playing golf with clients gave them the opportunity to form new or strengthen existing relationships.

In another study conducted by the Catalyst research firm, close to 46 percent of women stated that being excluded from mail dominated networks was one of the biggest impediments to moving forward in their career. Golf specifically was named as one of these networks.

It’s no coincidence KPMG has chosen golf– and not another sport such as baseball or basketball — as the backdrop to advance women’s leadership on an international scale with the inaugural of KPMG Women’s PGA Championship— an LPGA major.

Sure, many women and men succeed in their organization without ever setting foot on a golf course. Yet sadly, too few females, from millennial to experienced executives, are stating yes to organization golf. Often women with low golf handicaps often feel intimidated to tee-up with fellow workers and customers. Even women who are recognized in their organization as good golfers are not invited to play around with customer they connect with on a daily basis.

Having a larger population of ladies golfers in general will help this gradually. It is important to supply women with greater access to the game and more self-confidence to leave the office for a few hours with associates and customers to gain the distinct organization benefits golf offers.

We strongly believe few things can assist break glass ceilings quite like golf.

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