hot weather golfYou don’t need to stay in the states of Florida, Arizona, and Texas to understand that golfing under the scorching heat of the summer can be dangerous to your wellbeing. Even the golfers from the Northeast whine about the rather high humidity, which they encounter during July.

Rather than stressing and complaining regarding the weather conditions, though, why don’t you stop getting upset and start loving playing golf in hot weather? All you need to do is follow these easy “Summer Golf for Dummies” methods to have a secure and fun hot weather golfing.

  1. Find New Approaches

With all things considered, Englishwomen and mad dogs are the only ones that go to the greens and fairways during high noon, a time when the humidity and heat are extremely fierce. Earlier tee times is the most sensible thing to do for various reasons.  We realize that morning tee times tend to be more expensive than tee off times later in the day, but with a weekly golf passport you can save money any time of day. However, if you have to play golf – when you need to do it does not really matter – read on for the different ways to fight the scorching temperatures.

  1. Leave the Heineken

“Water, water, give me more water” need to be every golfer’s mantra, Regardless of season, a golfer’s motto should always be “water, water, get me more water.” It is clear that you need to stay hydrated if you wish to be able to endure the heat. The problem is that golfers seem to be uninformed of the coffee, beer, soda, and other alcohol’s dehydrating effects.

  1. Allow the grass to grow

Health professionals recommend that you cut down on unnecessary outdoor activities such as lawn mowing and trimming. Because golf clearly does not fall under the”nonessential” group, conserve your energy for the chores that are really crucial, like hitting a tiny white ball using a huge club head.

  1. Don’t Eat Too Much

You might want to pump up on carbs for the Boston Marathon, however, finishing up your spaghetti before going to the links is among of those big no-no’s when it comes to hot weather golf because large starchy meals can weigh you down and may lead to more than just the boiling over of your golf cart. Instead, keep your energy all throughout your round by munching on lighter fare such as nuts, veggies, and fruits.

  1. Hide those washboard abs (and we are not referring to hiding the beer)

We know you busted your ass all winter to get fid but you need to change those tight fitting spandex created to show off your six packs for more comfortable clothing made from cotton or moisture-absorbing fabric.

  1. Light-hued garments thwart light and heat compared to dark colors

Let us be honest, who has not imagined teeing it up in the altogether especially when it is extremely hot? OK, it might be much more like everybody’s nightmare, however, when you are all set to snob the dress code, wearing clothes that are lighter in color can prevent too much sweat, chafing, as well as overheating. Wearing a long sleeve short as opposed to a tank top will prevent your skin from absorbing the heat and actually be cooler.

  1. Protect Your Skin

Don’t forget your sunscreen as well as lip balm. Professionals recommend that you put on water-resistant 30 SPF sunscreen for a minimum of one hour well before subjecting your skin to the sun. Be sure to reapply every hour or so afterwards. Golf professionals will always tell you “don’t burn, reapply at the turn.”

  1. Wear Accessories

Sunglasses, visors and hats are essential in the summer sun. Hats with wide brims offer the best protection, and a baseball cap that comes with a visor is going to provide you with some sort of shade. Ladies,  you may want to go with a Sunday Afternoons Sundancer hat, which can protect your face and neck thanks to its pleated drape, all in moisture-absorbing SPF-50-plus cloth. The chapeau can also prevent the sweat from getting into your eyes. Polarized eyewear, is one of the most effective when it comes to protecting your baby blues from harmful rays.

  1. Bring cold drinks

What should you do when you are on the eighth fairway, dealing with that long approach shot over water, there are no beverage cart around the corner, and your brain is burning up? Check the cooler of your golf bag for an icy cold burst of thirst quenching liquid refreshment. A lot of bags feature an insulated cooler liners. You can also go undercover with one that will fit into your the standard zippered pocket of the sack. However, you need to be careful. You may want to rent a cart or maybe hire a caddy since you will be hauling a little more weight, which would include the ice pack as well as water bottles.

  1. Rejuvenating fashion statement

Practically nothing can make a golfer say, “Ah!” during summer than a refreshingly cold and wet towel placed on the neck’s back. Soak the towel at every watering hole or maybe put it back into the ice chest for renewal. In addition to this, come up with a rejuvenating fashion statement by utilizing bandanas and other similar accessories (take a tip from motor cycle riders and purchase a neck bandana with a cooling pack specifically designed to keep you cool). Your collar will remain dry and it will be simple for you to swing the with the stylish neck add-on securely attached.

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