Myrtle Beach GolfGolf is a great way to bring people together under the umbrella of a charity.  It has become almost a prerequisite for all of corporate America to play golf.  It’s a sport that transcends most socioeconomic strata.  You can play in the most expensive golf arenas or on a public course and basically, you’re playing the same sport.  Charity golf events give people the opportunity to play their favorite game and raise money for their favorite charity, all in the same day.

Myrtle Beach golf tournament organizers are often faced with organizational challenges when they are putting together a charity golf event.  Unless the charity is near and dear to the hearts of the community it often requires a special challenge, prize or drawings to bring in golfers willing to part with their money or collect pledges to play a round of golf.

Important Points In Organizing Your Charity Golf Events

There are several software or event planners that specialize in the organization and planning of charity golf events.  Event planners specialize in the administrative, facilitative and logistical details of running the event – especially the day of the event.  This allows the organizers to work on marketing their event without the cumbersome duties involved in the administration.

Event planners will often aid in the marketing by providing website templates, pre-written marketing materials, press releases, and lists of celebrities who may be available for the event.  These planners focus on the three things that make or break a good charity golf event – obtaining sponsor prizes, maximizing the number of players and increasing the number of pledges that come in.

Maximizing the number of players often just means getting the word out that the event is taking place.  This means press releases, coverage in the sports section of the local newspapers, radio and television coverage and coverage at local sporting events. Your local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with a list of local contacts.

Golf Myrtle BeachYou’ll also draw more players if you offer great prizes.  Awards and bonuses to the players with the Longest Putt or Longest Drive as well as Hole in One or Closest to the Hole will bring more players and thus more pledges.  Event planners or software can provide template letters that have been successful in obtaining sponsorship for these prizes.

To increase the number of pledges that are promised to the charity each player should have a minimum amount of pledges they bring to the event.  This number is determined by the organizers and is often based on the number of players that the event predicts will participate.  In its first year, this can be a difficult thing to foresee.

When you are planning the dates and times of your Myrtle Beach golf event pick a weekday when tee times are open.  Go in person to the golf course and negotiate for reduced rates on green fees and carts explaining that it is or a charity event.  Golf courses are also able to offer donations to the charity through reduced fees that are then tax deductible for them.

Planning ahead for eventual problems is one of the key components to planning a charity golf event.  Count on something going wrong and have a backup plan to take care of it – it will go wrong but when you’ve planned ahead the day goes more smoothly and with less effort.

Big pledges, lots of golfers, more sponsorship, and massive publicity will increase the amount you’re able to raise for in your charity golf event.  By planning well in advance of the event, up to one year, you’ll be able to cut costs, find celebrities, and spread the workload effectively.

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