Myrtle Beach golfPlaying golf is a basic requirement for most of corporate America.  It’s also one of the most popular past times and fiercely played sports.  Each year more and more men and women want to learn the game of golf or improve their handicap scores.  Even if you’ve been playing for years sometimes it requires that you return to the basics to learn to become a better athlete – at any sport.  Here are some intelligent golf tips for beginners to help them learn to play the game and, with practice, win.

At one point most golf pros taught the fundamentals of golf differently from club to club.  But with video technology and the ability to evaluate the golf swing accurately most are now teaching the same fundamental techniques because they’ve been shown to work – in the research lab and on the course.

As with any sport, the quickest and most effective way to improve your game is to study the pros and practice, practice and practice.  Practice develops your skill and technique while experience improves your judgment and ability.  You need both in order to improve your game.  Fortunately, MyGolf has a golf membership that will allow you to practice at local golf courses at a discounted price. These memberships can be for the week, a season or the entire year.

Most or all beginners benefit greatly from a few good lessons from a pro.  You’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of the game when you play and you’ll be able to improve your game more quickly.  When expense is a challenge you can look into adult education at your local high school or community college.  Or you may find that your local golf club offers group lessons.

Golf clubs and a bag are also an expensive proposition so before committing to the sport try to borrow a set from a friend who plays.  Most golfers have a set they’ve ‘outgrown’ that they wouldn’t mind parting with for a few short weeks or month until you figure out if this is a game you’re willing to stick with.

Golf is a special combination of intellectual and physical abilities that combine to meet the ball at the end of the club.  The ball is waiting for you to hit it.  If done correctly you are left with a deep sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment.  But done poorly it’s frustrating and elevates the blood pressure.

Golf can be played competitively with golfers from almost any level.  Because of the unique golf handicapping system you can enjoy a game of golf with friends, family, relatives and relative strangers without matching skills.  Golf is really a game where you are competing against yourself – against your past scores and your ability to incorporate knowledge and skill.

Start off at the driving range for four or five times out before attempting to play a game.  You’ll be thankful that you can hit the ball further than 2 feet in front of you and so will the people behind you waiting for you to stop dribbling the ball down the fairway.

One way of studying the technique of great players is to use video from the Internet.  By studying the stance, swing and approach of great golfers you’ll be able to improve your own scores.  For instance, there is no better player in tournaments today than Tiger Woods.  He didn’t get to the pinnacle of his career through sheer luck.  He gained an unfair advantage through intense practice and near perfect form.  By watching Tiger Woods in slow motion video and truly evaluating the placement of his hips, arms, hands and shoulders you’ll be able to more fully understand the mistakes you’ve been making.

Using video you should also be able to evaluate your own swing and make changes based on your understanding of how your form should change.  With an inexpensive camcorder and a computer you’ll be able to evaluate your form and detect problems.  There are also businesses that do this procedure for you using probes on specific areas of your body, video and computerized technology.

This all means that your motion is most important in the perfection of your golf form.  Motion can be broken down into five basic parts:  foot, leg and knee, hip and shoulder, hand and wrist and arm action.  Many people teach golf from the hand down but most people well versed in the motion of the body can tell you that the final action in your hands is determined by the placement of your feet.

This concept is basic to basketball, football and golf.  Where the basketball goes is initially determined by foot placement and can’t be compensated by arm or hand motion consistently.  The same is true in Myrtle Beach golf; if your feet aren’t well placed then the action in your shoulders and arms can’t consistently compensate.

Grip, stance and posture are important to learn and learn well so that you become a proficient golfer.  These three things are the fundamental physical factors that affect your swing and where the ball eventually lands.

Grip, stance and posture are affected by the actions of your feet, legs and knees, hips and shoulders, hands and wrist and arms.  Each of these separate motions and actions can be learned through video teaching, by learning from a pro, by watching the pros and through books.  Although it’s best to learn in person when the option isn’t available, you work with what you have.

Golf tips for beginners are important for a new golfer to learn the sport correctly and decrease the amount of frustration and aggravation you may feel on the course.  You’ve seen the pros lose their cool in tournaments and they’ve been playing and practicing this technically challenging sport for years.  This isn’t the time to ‘go it on your own’ but rather to listen and learn from those who have gone before you.

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