golf in North Myrtle BeachA relaxing game of golf in North Myrtle Beach is way different from competitive play; sometimes, it seems like it is a completely different sport.  With ternament play the tee boxes are set much further back and the green seems miles away. Rather than laughter and breezy chitchats, the atmosphere is tense. Also, and a tap-in putt looks way more than 2 feet.

Next you have the regulations

Most golf players follow an acceptable — a few might say generous — understanding of the laws of the game. Every single hazard is considered lateral, the rocks are tossed away from the bunkers, as well as gimme putts. Lots of gimme putts. To put it simply, the “winter rules”  method for the whole year.

Sad to say, those defiant methods don’t apply in a tournament. The USGA guideline will be the law when it comes to tournament play; it will be followed without discourse. In case you are a novice when it comes to joining a competition, from being used to a stress free club game to a golf tournament played by professional golfers, being knowledgeable about golf’s legislation is a must. And since there are numerous golf rules, you might feel confused. Have no fear: Given below are some of the policies you should know if you plan to play in a golf tournament:

Counting your clubs

Do I really have to? I mean, nobody would bring more than 14 sticks, right?


There are ways to avoid getting a two stroke penalty. One of these is making sure that you double and even triple checking your golf bag well before you place the ball on a golf tee.

Ball gets knocked off the tee

There are many players who still remain unsure of how to proceed once this happens. Easy: You can re-tee with no penalty. (Exception to this rule: You have unsuccessfully tried to hit the ball during your first shot. When the ball is knocked off the tee, playing it where it lies is expected.)

But on the brighter side, because the situation is a little bit more intense in tournament play, you will not have that person who shouts “One!” whenever your ball gets knocked off the tee. I don’t really like that guy.

Offering suggestions

During the weekend, you might check with your buddy what iron they hit, or, while you’re on the green, point to an area and say, “I think that is the line.” Although this kind of action is normal in a typical round, it is considered against the law in tournament play. The consequence is two strokes. (Exception to this rule: In a team game, you and your partner, along with the individual caddies, may discuss strategy.)

The distinction between lateral and water hazards

A water hazard is labeled in yellow, while lateral will be red. If you will not try to play from a hazard — and except if you’ve got a clean shot, we suggest that you don’t — you will face a one-shot penalty.

For a water hazard, you will have three options:

  • Go to the specified drop area (but not every kind of hazard have this).
  • Know where your ball previously entered a water hazard in the Myrtle Beach golf course, then move as far as you would like from that point and the pin.
  • Make your following shot by dropping a ball to the nearest point where you played your previous stroke. You may re-tee in case it was your first shot.

A lateral hazard is a bit different. Just like with yellow stakes, there is a need to identify the location wherein the ball crossed into the hazard. But, you’ll be provided a two clubs length spot to drop. You may also move to the opposite side of the hazard — presuming that it is not near the hole — and drop there too.

This is it for the first set of rules that you need to know if you plan to play in a golf tournament. Don’t forget to drop by next week for Golf Rules Part 2.

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