golfGolf items make wonderful gifts for both men and women due to the popularity of the sport in the United States. The National Golf Foundation said there were 26 million golfers in 2005, with 4.6 million people playing the sport for a minimum of 25 times per year. That was more than a decade ago. Imagine how many golfers we have these days. These players will surely love to get golf-themed gifts for any occasion. If you know a golf enthusiast, giving them golf gifts during holidays, birthdays and other special events is definitely a good idea. Provided below are five great suggestions that you might want to consider.

  1. Golf Gift Basket

The first one on the list is a golf gift basket. It is an affordable and attractive present that contains various golf gadgets, golf-themed gourmet snacks, and golf books. The golfing tools may differ with each design, but it usually includes practice golf balls, golf tees, ball spotter, hand towel, as well as a divot repair tool to fix the mark left on the turf due to the impact made by a golf club. For the gourmet snacks, it may include gourmet coffee, pretzel twists, beef salami, cream-filled cookies, cheese, water crackers, as well as golfers fortune cookies. Your golfer is going to be delighted once he or she receives these golf-themed things and treats.

  1. Golf Sports Bag

This gift features a cooler tote filled with savory and sweet snacks, golf designer cookies, cheese tins, practice golf balls, as well as a notepad, which the recipient can use to write different golfing tips. Drinks can also be kept ice cold by placing them on the cooler tote while the Myrtle Beach golf course. It is a very popular gift option for golfers.

  1. Lady Golf Gift

If you are looking for a gift for a female golfer, you may want to consider a gift basket. She’ll find practical and useful equipment when playing the sport. She will also feel delighted with the savory gourmet treats. This gift also features a practice putting cup, a pack of golf tees, as well as an MC Lady golf balls that were designed for golfers feel that conventional golf balls way too firm. The lady golf balls can give an optimal performance at reduced club head speeds. She’s going to also discover a book of anecdotes from expert golfers. She will also delight in the tasty snacks as she reads about the amazing and inspiring stories of some professional golfers.

  1. Personalized Putter Set

Golf clubs utilized by golfers to strike the ball and made of a club head at the bottom and a shaft that comes with a grip at the top end. The club’s length relies on the distance the club is expected to propel the golf ball. “Putters” are golf clubs that are used for short range shots to roll the ball into the cup. In terms of golf gifts, you may consider giving a classy golf set along with a putter, which can be disassembled so it could be stored easily, two balls, as well as a wooden practice cup. The whole gift set is kept in a shiny wooden case that comes with a brass handle. It also has a brass plate in front, where the recipient’s initials can also be engraved. On the other hand, you can pick out a putter set kept in a glossy wooden case embellished with a customized golf image.

  1. Ball Marker

Ball markers are utilized to tag the place of the ball once it’s in the way of the putting line of another golfer, or if the ball has to be cleaned. The ball marker is generally a coin. You may send your golfer a customized state quarter ball marker along with a belt clip. It’s crafted from durable stainless steel and is linked to a magnetic back that slips off the holder so he or she can easily mark the ball in the green.

To sum it all up, golf gifts are perfect for those who love to play the sport. If you are looking for a more lavish present, call MyGolf for a memorable golf vacation.

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