Golf SwingRotator cuff injuries prevail in golf due to the force and tension placed on the muscles through the swing. The rotator cuff belongs of the shoulder that assists to stabilize the whole shoulder and arm through movement. When golf enthusiasts are swinging at the ball, especially when they swing hard, there is a high level of stress put onto the rotator cuff. With time, rotator cuff injuries can turn up and be a pain for a golf player.

Lower Arm Rotation

When swinging the club, prevent rotating the club and turning the wrists through at impact. While it is important to have the face square at impact, it is essential to try to establish a swing with less movement when rotating through the ball.

From the National University of Golf Academy

Slower Swing Speeds

It is essential to slow the swing when having rotator cuff issues. A lot of golf players swing too hard, and slowing the swing would benefit their video games. Distance is significantly identified by contact, and with a slower swing it will increase strong contact and put less stress on the rotator cuff.


Many people have the tendency to strain while swinging the golf club. It is important to be solid with the club however not strain down and through the swing. This can cause pulls and tears in the rotator cuff along with any muscle associated with the golf swing. Keep a smooth, relaxed golf swing.

Shorten the Backswing

To assist lower stress on the rotator cuff, shorten the backswing. Shortening the backswing alleviates tension that is put on the shoulder when a golfer reaches the maximum rotation in the backswing.


Rotator cuffs are naturally not extremely strong and it is essential to strengthen them as much as possible. Develop an exercise regime to help strengthen the rotator cuffs and at the same time produce a more effective golf swing.

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