golf course North Myrtle BeachWelcome back! So, here’s the third installment, a continuation of last week’s discussion about the golf rules you need to know by heart if you plan to play in a tournament.

Unplayable lie

Compared the ones previously mentioned, your drop point does not begin from a spot without any obstruction. You will be faced with three choices:

Play the ball as close to, as you can, to the position where the initial ball was previously played, no closer to the hole. In case it was on the tee, you have the option to re-tee.

You will take a drop about the length of two clubs from the point where the ball rests and not closer the hole.

Make a line from the location of the ball to the hole and drop wherever you want behind that area, maintaining the point between yourself as well as the hole.

I discovered option 2 the hard way right after my golf ball dropped underneath a pine tree during a tournament. I even wondered why the pine tree was there in the middle of the golf course North Myrtle Beach. I could not reach my ball, so I went with the first option which was the 2-clubs length alternative, only to find out that I would still remain underneath the pine tree. A decade later, I’m still cleaning the sap out of my neck.

Play Sequence

This typically pops up in match play, however the person who will play first is the one that is farthest from the hole. In case somebody breaks the sequence, the player can terminate the shot, which will force them to play it again.

However, this has its own caveat: Except if it is an egregious violation, never call this on an opponent. Unless of course you would like their golf putter tomahawked right into your windshield once the round is over.

One-ball condition

This one is uncommon: You normally just observe this one in professional golf tournaments, recently at the Presidents Cup when Phil Mickelson was called for making use of 2 different kinds of makes. Having said that, I have been in club tournaments in the past where this came up, driving people rushing to the pro store.

Sprinkler heads

This falls below the immovable object category, yet occurs so frequently it warrants its very own section. A relief is given from sprinkler heads on the condition that your golf ball, supposed position, or swing is interrupted. The line of play is not covered, which means that when you are putting within the fringe and through a sprinkler into the green, well then, you may wish to bust out a wedge.

Ball Identification

Hidden in the rough and cannot determine if the ball is yours? You are permitted to pick the ball up for identification purposes. According to the USGA: “The player must announce his intention to lift the ball to an opponent, fellow-competitor or marker, and mark the position of the ball. He may then lift the ball and identify it, provided that he gives his opponent, marker or fellow-competitor an opportunity to observe the lifting and replacement.”


Your group finally made it into the putting green; the hole is nearly behind you. And, see that, your ball rested just a few inches away from the pin. You are so fired up that without even thinking, you just had to brush it in, walking off the putting green, you made birdie.

However, the pin was in, and you also hit it. That lowers your score, instead of a bird down to a bogey and just like that your heart sinks into your stomach.

Other offenses include striking a pin that was taken out as well as resting beyond the hole, or when you intentionally left the flag in as you attend to it so your opponent will receive a penalty.

Most competitions have rules officers on the North Myrtle Beach golf course, and all golf players must have their own copy of rules book of USGA inside their bag for more complex scenarios and judgments. However, the earlier mentioned details work as the corner stones for the hurdles that you will most likely come across in a golf tournament. At this point, you can rest easy and not worry too much about the rules, because you are already capable of handling things that the golf course, or your competitors may put in front of you.

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