Myrtle Beach golf discount cardsAre you really getting an excellent deal with Myrtle Beach golf discount cards? Are you simply purchasing a some plastic card for your annual membership? If golf is a sport that you love to play often, you probably know how pricey it could get. Total $50 for greens costs + $20 for the cart, two times a week for more than 20 weeks and you see that you spend almost $3,000 per year playing on golf courses. Your wallet will definitely say “Ouch” even if you notice improvements in your golf game.

Therefore, is the guarantee to “Play more golf and pay less” truly appropriate or merely a having an “unplayable lie?” There are numerous golf discount packages on the market. Many are coupon books. A few are online packages. A handful of work exceptionally well, while there are those that are real duds. So as an experienced golfer, how can you select the one golf discount card that will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Listed here are seven tips that you can use when evaluating a potential online membership golf card to enjoy the savings that you membership will cover.

  1. How massive is the golf course network’s size?

Exactly how many golf courses are in the network?  Does it only have 10?  Or is the network as big as 3,000? More courses is far more beneficial since if 10,000 golfers purchase the membership and the golf courses are just a few – I think you know what that means. You will not obtain an excellent range of tee times since you’re rivaling all of the other members.

  1. Do not go to Idaho just to play golf, if you don’t live there.

Is it only for a single state, such as Wisconsin or maybe New Mexico? Does the network span across the country? Do you need to go Idaho just to find a golf course? With the price of gasoline as well as driving nowadays, are there sufficient number of golf courses within the 50 mile distance? If you intend to go on a vacation in a specific place, does the network cover any golf course within that area?

  1. Except if you love cow pastures, stay away from “Turtle Greens” golf networks.

As I was only learning how to play golf when I was a teen in Wisconsin, my father took us to Turtle Greens, a farmer constructed on a hill within the borders of his farm. The clubhouse was actually a barn; the fairways were really like cow pastures; the shabby looking greens were like a freshly mowed yard. Obviously, we were true hackers as well as kids during the time. Be sure that the golf courses that are part of the membership network are a combination of excellent courses, medium courses as well as “practice” courses. In that way, you could choose the ones you would like for a certain round. At times, you may prefer to take on a tough links course. In other instances, you merely play an easy course as a form of exercise.

  1. Receive reduced prices the whole golf season.

Find out the season’s duration for the golf discounts. Is it only a short period spanning from June to August? Do you need to play golf the month of May or after the month of September? The finest low-cost green fees cards will let you enjoy savings throughout the year provided that  the golf course is available. Never purchase a golf card if you have various types of limitations for seasonal playing.

  1. Learn how simple it is to find a golf course.

I’ve bought a number of local golf discount coupon books and searched through the index to locate the places where these golf courses have been listed. This is actually alright for a paper coupon book. Prior to purchasing all these from a golf store, you could check out the book to know if your preferred golf courses are listed. In the event that you sign up for a web-based discount golf card package, be sure you could lookup the directory of the golf course. You can search using the zip code, state, city, distance to the golf course as well as the name of the golf course. In case the search function is restricted or lacking, do not purchase that membership.

  1. Understand the pros and cons of the network’s golf courses – before making a purchase!

In case the online golf card membership package permits you to browse through, it must also provide you the information of what you will be getting. Various golf courses provide different special discounts. For example the tee times. Are you allowed to play golf on weekdays? Can you avail of the discounts during weekends? Is your golfing limited to a specific time of day, such as right before 7:00 a.m. or past 5:00 p.m.? When a lot of golf courses are part of the network, there would be numerous variations. Just be perfectly sure that there’s sufficient variety to suit the finest periods to tee it up.

  1. Obtain the details of the longevity and performance of the vendor.

Is this a new program? When was it established? Is it serving a lot of members or only a few? Are there any money-back guarantees? You should ask all these important questions, for online services, in particular. Keep in mind that anyone can create a website. Be sure to perform your due diligence and verify the vendor prior to spending your money on it. And make certain that they’ve got a money-back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied. Since you already have this checklist for discount green fees, all you should do is choose a golf card program that will help you cut costs and play golf for less.

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