Golf Myrtle BeachThere’s serious money involved in the Myrtle Beach golf package industry. However, as with any business opportunity, this could draw out con artists as well as poor business strategies.

Avoid getting saddled with hidden fees on your golf packages. Some resellers of Myrtle Beach discount golf package do not prioritize the welfare of their customers. Having said that, below are five things you need to know about before you book your next golf package in Myrtle Beach.

The first 2 things appear in the form of hidden costs. Myrtle Beach has been getting a negative reputation among touring golfers due to these hidden surcharges and fees. A recent article in a local newspaper even highlighted this as one of the most common complaints by visiting golfers.

1) Cart Fees – This is required in golf courses. Many golf packages usually leave these fees out. Hidden charges for a golf cart is the first one on the list of golfers’ complaints. Several resellers of Myrtle Beach golf packages conceal a charge of between $20 and $30 and they pass these fees to unknowing tourists who are seeking to enjoy a relaxing game of golf. You should ask beforehand if these golf cart charges are included in the package. If they say no, then you should demand these fees to be included. If they do not agree then find another reseller whom you can do business with.

2) Course Surcharges – A lot of golf packages permit golfers to “upgrade” to a more suitable golf course. This is a standard fee within the Myrtle Beach golf industry. The problem is that numerous golf packages upsell these so-called better golf courses to vacationing golfers. Then, once they pay more, the golfer finds out after playing on the course that they paid more for something that is either just like the original course or sometimes, even much worse. Be sure to research your options well before you pay a surcharge so you could play at a better golf course.

The following two issues usually happen with resellers of Myrtle Beach golf package who have no idea about the local market. Websites these days can easily place a Myrtle Beach logo and promote packages from different places across the nation. You need to only do business with firms that boast of local market connections as well as expertise in the local market.

3) Golf Tour – Some fulfillment facilities market Myrtle Beach golf packages that will have you spending more of your time driving rather than golfing. They do not care about the length of the trip as long as they can make more money. Be sure to be aware of the distances between the accommodations and the golf courses once you go on your next golf vacation.

4) Course Conditions – Sellers of golf packages with no ties to the local community are not aware of the conditions of the golf courses in Myrtle Beach. These firms depend on old details and have little to no clue concerning the annual maintenance schedules. It is bad enough to get tee times at a lower rung course. Do not make the problem much bigger with terrible course conditions. So, what’s the solution? Get in touch with the Myrtle Beach golf courses yourself and inquire about the schedule of their maintenance and ask questions about their course conditions. On the other hand, you can also go with a golf packager that offers extensive knowledge of the local market.

Do you want a golf package? Be sure to consider all these things. Myrtle Beach has more than 120 golf courses and you will surely find one that best suits your needs.

5) Buyers Market – There are certain times of the year when the golf courses outnumber the golfers. This offers you an advantage. It likewise provides you an excuse to think about booking separate tee times. The summer and winter seasons are much slower compared to spring and fall. But, you may occasionally obtain a much better deal if you book tee times on your own even during peak months. Conduct your research and look into various options rather than purchasing golf packages without giving it much thought.

Keep in mind that golf deals will always look good on paper. In case your Myrtle Beach golf package is way below the price of other offers, do not expect a wonderful golfing experience. Be diligent, learn to investigate, read through the fine print, choose a firm that possesses local expertise and request customer referrals. This is the very best recommendation that we can offer you before you buy a Myrtle Beach golf package.

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