Myrtle Beach golf discount card

Are you really getting a good deal with your Myrtle Beach golf discount card? Or are you just purchasing a useless plastic for a year’s membership? If you are an avid golf player, you know how costly it can get. Imagine how much you need to pay for a year if you need to cover fees like $50 for the greens and $20 for the cart, to name a few. Multiply the total by two if you play twice a week. Your wallet will get a beating if you play like this for one whole year.

Is the promise that you can play more while paying less by getting a Myrtle Beach discount card true or a big lie? You will find several related programs out there today. While some work really well, there are also those that are a complete waste of cash. So how can you choose a golf discount card that gives you the most bang for your buck? Here’s a simple checklist that you can follow.

Size Of The Golf Course Network

Does the network have 10, 150, or 3,000 golf courses? Keep in mind that featuring more courses is a good option. If you choose one that only has a few dozen courses, then you cannot expect to get a good tee time selection since you will definitely be competing with other golf members.

Is The Network Local Or Nationwide?

You should also determine if the golf network is confined to just one state or if it is nationwide. Do you have to drive to the core of a certain state to find a good golf course? With today’s gasoline price and driving cost, does it offer enough golf courses within a certain area? If you have plans of going on a golf vacation in a specific location, does the golf course you are interested in belong to the network?

Get Discounts For The Whole Golf Season

You have to find out how long is the golf season for the golf discounts. Does it cover the period from June to August or perhaps from May to September? The best Myrtle Beach golf discount card allows golfers to get savings throughout the whole year as long as the golf course is open. Avoid purchasing a golf card that has numerous playing restrictions.

Is It Easy To Find A Course?

If you plan to purchase discount coupon books, be sure that your favorite golf courses are listed. In case you wish to subscribe to a Myrtle Beach Golf discount card program online, you have to be sure that you can search the directory for golf courses. You can search using the state, zip code, city, as well as the name of the golf course. Not being able to use the search function, whether it is limited, missing, or non-functional, should be a red flag.

Learn The Pros and Cons Of the Golf Courses In The Network

You should be able to find out everything there is to know about the golf course network and what you can get from using the golf discount card. Does your card allow you to play golf with discounts during weekdays or weekends? Are you restricted to play only at a specific time of the day? Be sure to find out all the potential drawbacks so you won’t be caught off guard.

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