golfers in summer clothes in myrtle beach

You are bound to encounter a lot of challenges if you decide to play a round of golf during an extremely hot weather. You need to wear clothes that can keep you feeling cool, do not limit your swing, and follow the dress code of the course where you will be playing. Female and male golf players can choose from many different options from which they can choose from.


Although cotton is an option that offers great comfort to the skin, a cotton shirt will feel heavy with sweat thus, causing it to stick to the skin of the person wearing it. If you plan to put on cotton golf shirts during a hot and humid day, think about getting brands that are specifically tagged as “moisture-wicking.” A certain variety for this type of cotton golf shirt is woven from cotton yarn, which has been treated to dry faster and take in less sweat. Cotton Incorporated, an American group of cotton growers, introduced a technology that is referred to as TransDRY, which is its registered trademark label. A few of the brands of cotton golf shirts, which labeled as moisture wicking, are tagged as “cotton charged.” The label means that these shirts will dry quicker compared to typical cotton. Be sure to read the labels as well as clothing tags to find out if the shirt you are considering to buy or use possesses this feature.

Pants and Underwear

As long as the golf course allows it, a golfer can wear shorts when playing golf on a hot humid day. If you are aiming for air circulation then you better put on loose shorts. It is also a good idea to pick a lighter shade like tan or white. In case pants are needed, pick a brand that is made through synthetic construction, which will pull the sweat from the body. You should choose golf pants that were made to be particularly articulated at the knees if you want to avoid the annoying buckling at the mid-leg and knees. These type of pants are designed to bend, offering you more flexibility and keep the legs of the person wearing it much cooler. Underwear that is crafted from breathable wool or moisture-wicking fabric can keep underwear and skin cool and dry.


Several female golfers want to use skirts instead of shorts or long pants on a Myrtle Beach golf course, especially on hot and humid days. Synthetic skirts and light-hued skirts can help you feel cooler. A skort, which is a combination of a skirt and shorts, is the most suitable option if you want to avoid any form of embarrassment during your swing. When it comes to golf pants, choose brands that come with a moisture-wicking tag. It can help reduce sweating, which can make a skort or skirt to bunch up at the waist, leading to a feeling of discomfort during hot and humid days.

Hats and Caps

Don’t forget to wear a hat as it can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Wide-brimmed hats or caps are good options. It all boils down to your personal preference and style. Just like all the other golf apparel, there are hats that are made with moisture-wicking features. A few brands are developed using technologies like Rayosan, which is a procedure that can make the hat’s fabric reflect the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. You can also drippy sweat whenever you are playing a round of golf during hot and humid days.

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