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Played on 4-19-18 was very disappointed the greens where dead and sprayed green . I have played their many times but wouldn't recommend the course any time soon

Ray Carstens

Played course many times over last 25-30 years..awesome..but yesterday 30 Jan 17 was a real mss up due mainly with the persons taking phone calls for T times.. about1035 ask about 2 getting on-told come on down we'll get you out ..got there - paid- went down to starter...he ask about T time..told him none..another 2 some come down-T Time -none..ask about how long it would be..told don't know as there was no opening..had to get ones with T ime out..understandable..but overheared Starter an cart man wonder why those with no times being sent down..or words to that effect..went up and ask for refund..perturbed money taker..said cant give you cash..have to give you rain check..I said I need money.(so I could go someplace else and ask about any chance)..nope just rain check..got rain check ..marked 48 hour..date 12/30/17 -initial DMS..2 -18 hole players..if I interpet this does that mean I have to play in 48 hours..also with carts not notated..very much ..Very unhappy with this by the way situation was handled..plus with projected temps for rest of week much less 48 hours ...I wanted to play on last nice day in sight..with no refund of money I had no chance to play elsewhere because I didn't have enough for other fees...will call today and ask if I do have to play today or tomorrow..again very unhappy...by the way..the one star rating is beause of the 2 flags waving in the breeze...Semper Fi..

Tim Huneycutt

Fairways are best in the area. greens were almost healed from aeration. Played the ball down and had no bad lies in the fairway.

Pete Brewer

Golf Course is in umbeleiveable shape. Fairways are great as well as greens. Best in area.


Course in tip top shape!

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