Myrtle Beach GolfThere are many misconceptions circulating about Myrtle Beach golf myths. So, we decided to set the record straight. Here are three myths and the truth behind them.

1. A few Myrtle Beach golf courses forces package providers to add extra fees to your Myrtle Beach golf package if you want to play their course.

This is not true. The very first Myrtle Beach golf packages began during the late 1960’s. During the first few years, there existed just a number of golf courses that are available for such packages. The price to play a good game of golf was similar to every one of these golf courses. The hotels simply made an average price for golf and incorporated all these golf courses in their packages. They knew very well that the golf price would average itself out eventually.

As Myrtle Beach golf became more popular, new golf courses were built. These modern golf courses were more costly to develop and maintain. They had no choice but to impose a higher price to those who wish to play these newer courses. The golfers loved the new courses. They started to ask for the newer and costlier golf courses. Should you get a brand new Chevrolet or perhaps a new Cadillac plus the dealer would bill you for the same price, which one would you take? The standard golf cost went uneven. The package providers didn’t wish to increase the cost of their golf packages. So they retained the standard package cost but restricted the choice of golf courses. If you wish to play the higher priced courses, they had to add the difference in the cost of the green fee to the package. That’s what they refer to as the surcharge.

2. Myrtle Beach golf courses require you to use a golf cart to hasten the play.

This is not true. The imposition of the mandatory golf carts was due to economics. While Myrtle Beach golf courses have grown busier, an increasing number of vacationing package golfers wished to use golf carts. There were instances when the courses had more golfers who wanted to rent the carts than the number of the actual carts available. This led to upset customers.

The golf courses determined the highest number of golf carts they required for a whole day and everybody wanted to have one. That was the number of golf carts that they made sure were available. They’ve got to pay rent on those carts regardless of whether they were used or not. Because most people wished to rent the golf carts, they made a decision to make everybody ride, hence the mandatory carts.

3.  Myrtle Beach golf courses bill clients for no show, so they could compel you to play even if you don’t want to.

This is also not true. The golf courses will not charge you if you do not play the round. What they would charge you for is the tee time, which is guaranteed tee times. It means that the golf course will allow you to tee off at a certain time. You also agree that you will be there and ready to play golf at a certain time. Because of this agreement, you need to pay an agreed upon amount. You’re agreeable to this setup, since this guaranteed tee time lets you make your golf vacation arrangements well ahead of time. You’re not looking for a place to play at the eleventh hour. The golf course also prefers this arrangement, since they will also get to know how many golfers they will have ahead of time. They could make the needed preparations to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. Most golf courses offer a refund or even a rain check if the play can’t proceed due to bad weather. Don’t expect any kind of refund in case you partied too much and was not able to get out of your bed to play.

Enjoy a relaxing vacation at Myrtle Beach and complete the whole experience by having a good game of golf. Call MyGolf now to know more about their affordable golf packages.

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